Mystery picture lotus pop from the river bed

July 31, 2012 9:33

According to reports from Sichuan, recent footage, which shows the mysterious appearance of the water lotus image captured in the Chinese countryside, cause a lot of conjecture. This phenomenon has attracted the attention of tourists who come to see a rare unusual.

There you can see how the surface of still water from the river bed rises pale pinkish-white spots in the shape of a lotus prazitelno similar colors and gradually grow to a certain size.

Surprising that in the middle of the structure, resembling a flower, rainbow appears oily film, which, however, disappears with the increase of the "flower."

The question here is, write the Chinese media, the so-called River Lotus. On its bank, the village from where you can admire the unusual. It is called: Lotus Village. This phenomenon is documented only there. In addition, this miracle on the river is mentioned in legends.

Some observers appear suggested that blame for the origin of the mysterious flower rises from the surface and poured neft.Odnako other witnesses and villagers believe that the need to believe in miracles.

The video tells about the lotus this in English:

And in this video of the lotus can be all considered in much more detail, better, of course, with the sound turned off:

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