Mysticism and magic of Barnaul


The older the city, the more it has various mysteries about him were legends and pass them on from generation to generation. Let us recall the medieval castles, inhabited by ghosts. But then, Barnaul, founded in 1730, has nearly three centuries. What are the legends know the residents of the city?

Perhaps the most famous is the legend of the blue lady. According to her, in a XIX century building in what is now the city administration, the head of the mining district was living with his wife. After learning about the love of a young officer in exile, a woman walled up in the building.

In the early 80-ies of the last century, the famous writer Mark Yudalevich told this story in his book. And that's out of this book helped spur a widespread belief that the ghost lady is walking through the corridors of the Duma, and at night goes to the balcony.

Some claim to have seen it there, others heard the voice, others saw a lady about her former home. Do not stay away from the story and the journalists themselves. Correspondents Barnaul edition in 2002 at midnight on March 8 was carried and laid a bouquet of roses on the balcony. And now it has become a tradition. As to tell those who have seen the blue lady?

"One day my young man walked on Lenin Avenue. It was late, but the night was warm and the moon, and did not want to go home. We walked by the way, on the opposite side of the administration building. Suddenly Sasha (the name of the young man) shook my hand, "Look!" He just pointed his finger to the side of the building on the opposite side. I saw a bright blue spot and was pretty sure that it is the light of lanterns. We got closer and after a few minutes the glow, a bit up in the air over the balcony disappeared. I still do not know what it was. Is that same blue lady or just an optical effect, but crawl ran, I confess honestly just wanted to get away from there. "

Another legend associated with these same places. According to legend, the Palace of marriage between a neighboring building and there is an underground passage, which powered the death sentence. And in the very basement of the building contained the prisoners who were to be shot. On the ghosts of these people often tell employees buildings.

An employee of a company located in a neighboring building, said: "One day we were late with a colleague at work, it was winter, and in 7:00 on the street was very dark. The building is more than we were two guards. Suddenly we heard a loud sound (as we thought something had fallen). We left the office and headed to the other side, where they were to be men. But they said they did not hear anything. The sound was repeated again, and we are worried at each other warily. In the building, except for us, just no one. The guards left us in his post, while they themselves went to check what happened. In 10 minutes they came back and said it was joking ghosts. We did not appreciate the humor and went home. The next day we found out that the sound was repeated several times. What was that, until now, no one knows. "

There is a legend associated with the famous man in the Altai — Akinfiev Demidov. The decree on the transfer of melted silver into the treasury angered Demidova, and before he died he cursed all the plants. According to legend, it was because of this in the days of May burning buildings in the old part of the city. Indeed, the chain of fires occur in Barnaul is in May, at least remember the fire in 1917, the ashes of the former site of the BTI, the burnt hotel "Imperial", the fires of a former military hospital, where it is currently located Store "Maria-Ra" (district area Spartacus).

Many barnaultsy believe in the fact that under the city, starting in the Central Department Store and ending river station, the tunnel passes through which are free to drive two cars.

And the fact that almost all the city's parks have burial is not even a legend. Skulls and bones, according to residents, are still, when building a new home or dig a cellar. As spoken by the inhabitants of the city, which is why many apartments located in such areas, strange things happen. Here is one of the stories. According to these same builders, workshop area (which Pavlovsky tract), too, was built on the burial site. People who live in these homes, often at night, seeing the dead, and in the morning they can not understand, it was a dream or reality.

But the existence of a ghost girl Dunya no confirmation. At the site of present-day "pans" in front of the Technical University was formerly located Grove. It is here that after the rape, according to legend, a young girl hung herself. But that's neither the students nor the university are not recognized by the guards that did see her ghost.

For comments, we turned to the National Museum of the history of literature, art and culture of the Altai. The museum said that the legends do exist and they are many. Almost all of them belong to the XVII-XIX centuries, to the days when Barnaul existed only so-called "old part". The most common is a legend of the blue lady, who devoted an entire exhibition in a museum, "Legend of the Blue Lady" (the urban legends of antiquity), there is also an exhibition of the "Golden Age of Barnaul" (from the cultural history of his native city) where you can see not only this descriptions, but also with the history of our city.

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