Naked Science — Loch Ness watch online

Naked Science - Loch Ness watch online
The existence of this mysterious creature was officially announced in 1933. But the legend of it came down to our times even from time immemorial. According to legend, the first to tell the world about a creature back in the Scottish lake, were Roman legionaries with a sword in the hands of masters the Celtic spaces at the dawn of the Christian era. Local residents immortalized in stone all the representatives of the Scottish fauna — from deer to mice. The only stone statue, identify the Romans could not have been a strange long-necked seal velikanskih image sizes. For the next fifty years, more than three thousand witnesses testified in all seriousness, that beheld Nessie, that it is alive and not sick. Could they all be wrong? And could lizard inhabiting the earth in the Mesozoic era, survive to the present day? This question so far remains open. Even now research using sophisticated modern techniques can not reliably find whether Nessie and similar creatures of North America, the reality or fiction.

Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals

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