Named the most mysterious places in Vladivostok


The most "tenacious" legend is connected with the Vladivostok Arbat.

According to "Komsomolskaya Pravda", on the eve of All Saints' Day, which mystically minded people will celebrate on October 31, the interest in anomalous phenomena in Vladivostok increases on the order. What are the myths of our city is rich? This was told Anatoly Estrin, known in the magician and writer.

— Vladivostok — a city with a unique atmosphere, it is determined by tectonic faults, which is the capital of the province. For example, in the place where the Egersheld, joined three tectonic plates. There is speculation that this is where civilization centered in parallel. On this subject, there are many scientific articles in journals fundamental. Not for nothing is Egersheld residents often observe in the sky UFOs.

A huge number of legends associated with the houses on the street 3rd Working. This is not surprising, because it is built on the site of the old cemetery Jurchen. Residents of nearby houses independently say that they see the same dreams about creepy ghosts. Typically, after such dreams occur with people unhappiness.

Ominous rumors had long been surrounded by one of the houses on the street Dnieper. During the first ten years after it was built, there died one after the other men. Explanation of this phenomenon experts on anomalous phenomena can not be found.

The title of one of the most mysterious places in the seaside capital firmly on the Vladivostok dungeon. Forts, according to the mystically inclined, keep a lot of secrets. Here you can easily find the ghosts. At the very least, their presence is clearly felt some tourists. Thus, three complete strangers to each other person claimed on the fort number 3 (Goran Popov) in the place where the preserved brick ruins of Soviet times, they saw "something in a black hood." And those who dare to climb the evening hours to the guns on the hill known as the Refrigerator, invariably mereschatsya strange shadows, hear sounds as if coming from another world.

— One gets the feeling that you get in a confined space that has no relationship to the very Vladivostok. Scary is — recognized eyewitnesses.

Perhaps the most "tenacious" legend is connected with the Vladivostok Arbat. There will be many people who will assure that we have heard the hiss of the local ghost — the White Lady. She comes to visit these places during the full moon. A fall in the vicinity of Sedanka appear translucent shapes, contours reminiscent of the Red Army in budennovkah. At least, so say the old residents of this area.

— Vladivostok is not easy to live. No wonder the people who come here the first time, a long time to adapt and feel bad, — says Anatoly Estrin. — We have a lot of places dominated by negative energy. For example, in the area of Pigeon Paddy is an active radiation emissions, the allowable background may be exceeded in 6 — 10. People are more likely to have or have bad mood.

Of course, immediately move out of the "bad" places no one advises. From negative energy can be prevented by equipping your home according to Feng Shui. So, the TV does not have to stand in front of the sofa or bed. From depression and melancholy help Chinese bells, to disperse the negative energy of Qi.

By the way, in Vladivostok enough mystical places that can make a person happier. For example, as experts have assured the mysterious, well-bores locator decide affairs of the heart. Emotional balance will walk over the headland or Basargina Snow honeydew, the magazine writes.

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