Nano technology in the fight against cancer

A group of Japanese and American scientists have provided the latest device is based on a unique, according to which will not only cut at an early stage in the blood cancer cells, but also preserve them. This mechanism enables the diagnosis at an early stage and to identify the body schema spread of cancer, as well as a small amount of time to analyze a large number of cells.

The latest nano device can replace painful procedure to biopsy, which is used in the modern world to diagnose cancer with metastasis (metastatic cancer). The latest equipment would allow specialists to determine tumor cells circulating in the blood, to the point where internal organs are colonized.

This device allowed the American and Japanese scientists maintain tumor cells for subsequent radiation. To save the selected cancer cell viability, using special polymer "brushes" that attract the needed cells at a temperature of thirty-seven degrees Celsius and released when the temperature drops to plus four degrees Celsius. Through such a device, as a filter, pass the blood of the patient, which attracts the desired cells.

The authors of the Japan — U.S. study observed that this unique technology provides great opportunities for research of tumor cells and the diagnosis. Even before the great scientists, it was found that the two drugs that are widely used for chemotherapy treatments that adversely affect the immune system of mice and studied contribute to the rapid growth of cancerous tumors.

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