NASA had a look at the Earth from a UFO flying by


Photo: from the site

Scientists from NASA through the ship «Deep Impact» made a special film in which the Earth is presented as if through the eyes flying by aliens. It turned out that our planet is embodied in the perspective that would see from space hypothetical extraterrestrial visitors. In this case, the Earth makes a full rotation around its axis, and between the camera and the Earth passes the moon.

This original video created from separate images that made the 28 and 29 May 2008 the ship «Deep Impact» snapshot of once in 15 minutes. The distance between the Earth and the spacecraft «Deep Impact» was about 49 million kilometers. However, the main challenge in creating such a film NASA does not consider the popularization of astronomical ideas and help in the search for Earth-like planets. The resulting overall video recording allows you to explore the solar radiation that is reflected from the surface of the Earth. By changing its brightness over the oceans, land, or clouds can be detected Earth-like planets by analyzing the light that came from outer space.

Author: Galina Yudakhin

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