NATO helicopter in the air, met with UFO


These are photos that captured this "meeting", appeared on one of the foreign sites. They commented on by images of anonymity.

"I would not want to give his name and will remain anonymous, I send you some impressive photos. I often watch the helicopters in their area, as my house is located 10 kilometers from the military base of Cervia.

I have seen helicopters, and also F16s, flying very low over my house and I decided to take pictures of them. In other words, military activity in the region is very high. I almost always carry a camera that would shoot military aviation.

February 22, 2008, it was very cloudy, but I'm still shooting. I send you pictures of something strange in the sky. I saw a helicopter flying very low and decided to take a picture of it from the window of my house.

I saw three bright areas in the sky to the left of the helicopter. I would not consider what type of helicopter it was. When I first saw the three areas and the helicopter up close, in what appeared to me that concern.

According to the author of photos, he did not give his name so as not to harm his family. However, he noted that what he saw disturbed him greatly, so he could not remain silent and decided to publish these pictures.

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