NATO troops marching march will pass through Kazakhstan

NATO troops marching march will pass through KazakhstanFebruary 19, 2013 between the Governments of Kazakhstan and Italy signed an agreement on the transit of military equipment of the Italian Republic in Kazakhstan. Limited contingent of the Italian army takes part in military operations in Afghanistan, held here under the leadership and coordination of NATO forces.

Kazakh Defence Minister Adilbek Dzhaksybekov has already signed an agreement to provide a "green corridor" for the forces of the Italian Army, the Italian side the agreement was signed by the War Minister Giampaolo Di Paola.

After the final resolution agreement Kazakhstan transit through its territory to carry out not only the army of Italy, and the U.S. forces in Germany, Spain, Great Britain and France. That's because before Kazakhstan has already signed such an agreement with a single international alliance NATO.

It is noted that at the time of signing the agreement, the two sides discussed bilateral cooperation between Kazakhstan and Italy in the military, military-style acquisition of modern technology, the interaction of its ground forces.

It is rather strange that individual members of NATO, and myself, the alliance in particular, seek to conclude such agreements. After U.S. President Barack Obama, an external student of the Nobel Prize for the pursuit of peace even 5 years ago, not long ago declared that all were going to the final withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. Apparently the United States, set the pace in NATO, decided to leave the game alien efforts. The fact is that the world is in Afghanistan is not a hint in order to maintain a semblance of order requires armed presence. The U.S. administration appears to shift responsibility for the unstable region on the shoulders of NATO forces hold it together UN resolutions. At the same time will bring its troops from Afghanistan.

Kazakhstan, indirectly helping the occupation troops, allowing them to transfer more power, he can get under the resisting forces strike rebels in Afghanistan. Moreover, Kazakhstan is building an integration union with Russia and Belarus, while still an economic one. Very strange of him to go to such cooperation with the U.S., and its subsidiaries, alliances.

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