Natural anomaly Magadan filled up with snow

Magadan region covered with snow. Forecasters say that the past few days has fallen almost monthly rainfall. The snow is already the second day. No passage for many passes on the track: on the road — zero visibility. Rescuers appeal to residents asking them not to leave the settlements. This snowfall in late May, even for these harsh places — an anomaly.
Roads Magadan today — almost zero visibility. Car moving very slowly. Motorists have long swapped winter tires to summer, did not expect such surprises from the weather in late May. In the yard — a mess of mud and snow.
Especially hard for residents of the private sector. Local residents complain about — a flood. Kolyma highway is also covered with snow. Two days according to the weather forecasters had the almost the monthly norm.
Arman passes — the only road leading to the settlements of Arman, Talon, farce and Tauiskaya, closed. Fell so much snow here that the road builders have to clean it more than one day. Also, go here right now is dangerous. Visibility — zero.
Decided to call in the passes only the most desperate motorists. Many have to wait out the bad weather over here. "It would not be necessary, not to go to. Let's wait, maybe things will calm down," — is hoping the driver Boris Gavrikov.
Road builders Arman passes until clearing. It's pointless, they say. Just over half an hour the track sweeps again.
"In the morning were even more small cars, and now there is no longer possible to go, because there is no visibility. Unable to clean for the same reason — the director OGUDEP" Magadan "Mikhail Ratushny.
Kolyma rescuers appeal to residents of Magadan region, asking not to leave the settlements — now it's not safe.
"Dropped quite a lot of snow fall, leading to difficulty vehicular traffic on certain sections of roads, especially on passes — in Yagodninsky, Susumanskiy and Olsk areas. Therefore EMERCOM Russia's Magadan region appeals to drivers to limit trips in order to avoid getting in snow drifts, "- says the head of EMERCOM Russia's Magadan region Sergey yellow.
According to weather forecasts, the weather will improve tomorrow. Though not for long — at the end of the week in Kolyma again expect snow.


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