Natural fire destroyed eight thousand hectares of forest in north-western Spain

Wildfires raging on Sunday near the village in the province of Leon Kastrokontrigo, destroyed 8,000 hectares of forest, said Tuesday the chairman of the local authorities Juan Vicente Herrera (Juan Vicente Herrera).

Assigned to the second degree of fire hazard. In the struggle to put out the fire is attended by over 800 firefighters and involved 20 seaplanes and helicopters. From the area were evacuated hundreds of people. Struggle with the elements interfere with the intense heat and wind. According to police, the cause of fire was careless use of fire.

"The current forest fire was the largest in the last 10 years in our province. Damage caused by fire, we see as catastrophic," — said Juan Vicente Herrera.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment of Spain, wildfires raging in the country, and destroyed since the start in 2012 of about 140,000 hectares of forest.

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