New video from Zhanaozen refutes the official version of events


Kazakh leader of the opposition party "Alga" Vladimir Kozlov on the air of K + Kazakh authorities accused of lying. "This is a video about the power in Kazakhstan cattle. Just brutish power and bestial police. Brutish power, because she was lying, "- said Kozlov, commenting on the footage of the police shooting of protesters. It is also reported that six members of the independent public commission, which includes members of the opposition political movements and journalists on Wednesday could not get in Zhanaozen. One member of the committee told Amirzhan Kosanov K +, which is the 87-kilometer road Aktau Zhanaozen police stopped them, refused to allow human rights defenders to the city, which introduced a state of emergency and a curfew.

Meanwhile, the Governor's office in the Mangistau region of Kazakhstan on Wednesday, did not confirm the information about that in the village of oil Zhetybai to protest reached 7,000 workers, reports The representative of JSC "MMG" and does deny this information. Zhetybai village located on the road from the station Shetpe Zhanaozen, where over the weekend in a clash with security forces killed one person.


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