Nikola Tesla

December 20, 2011 4:35

Growing interest in the history of technology has become a feature of the modern era. The history of the formation and development of technology are increasingly attracting the attention of intellectuals around the path and exploring the logic of cognition, the process of formation and development of theory and methods in the knowledge of the history of technology enriches the mind of the scientist, helps refine and develop the theoretical foundations of modern science and technology to solve their methodological problems.

The history of science and technology is today a form of critical analysis of ways and means of knowledge of nature. Many scientists and researchers and film makers from different countries interested in the personality of Nikola Tesla. About him make films, write addition to biographies, study biographical events, trying to reproduce in the laboratory experiments with linear and ball lightning.

Nikolai Tesla was born on July 10, 1856 in a. Smiljan, Austria-Hungary, Croatia, died January 7 1943. in the U.S.. Researchers his biographers claim that in history there were two genius — Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1529) and Nikolai Tesla, others call him a skilled hoaxer who is well mastered techniques of self-promotion.
I believe that a single space is integrated into the material and spiritual smysle.V space there is some kernel, where we draw all the power, inspiration, which always attracts us. I feel its power and its value, sent to them throughout the universe and this support it in harmony. I did not penetrate into the mystery of this kernel, but I know that it exists, and when I want to give him any material attribute, I think it is the light, and when I'm trying to grasp its spirit, it ¬ beauty and compassion. The one who is carrying this faith, feels strong, works with joy, because feels a part of the total harmony.
Nikola Tesla
Informative material, including the Internet, is so contradictory that it is hard to say who actually was Nikolai Tesla: a very talented person or a charlatan? As if there was not, but Galileo Ferraris (1847-1897) reported that the method of the rotating magnetic field, it opened in 1885, but was first reported his findings in the report of the Turin Academy of Sciences in March 1888. Two months later, in May of that year, post their discoveries made Nikolai Tesla, but the idea of a brushless AC motor it appeared in 1882. So it was clear discovery of the effect of creating a rotating magnetic field with two (or more) coils with coils of insulated wire in the axes they cross, placed perpendicular to each other with the power of sinusoidal alternating current. The minimum necessary to obtain the current number of this phenomenon is two. The study began with a multiphase phase system. Further investigation and mathematical analysis of the two-phase Galileo Ferrarіsa AC motor has its erroneous conclusion.
Another way to send some inventors, and among them the greatest success was Nikolai Tesla.
He does not attempt to obtain the necessary phase difference in the motor, concluded the feasibility of constructing such a generator that would immediately give the shelf two currents with a phase difference of 90?. M. Tesla built dvohfazny alternator power from which the two-phase induction motor.
The basic design flaws generator and motor M. Tesla was clearly pole of their performance, leading to a large magnetic resistance, as the magnetic field lines in large stretches, concentrating on air voids in the structure itself coil and armature of the machine. This was a consequence of the mechanical transfer in HVAC design element schemes of electric DC.
Tesla was the wrong choice of a two-phase system of currents, which he wrongly defended as the main system for the further development of the world's energy for the long term. At the same time that Mr. Tesla and his staff in the U.S. tried to improve dvohfaznu system in Europe Kadets Dolіvo-Dobrovolsky (1862-1919) developed an improved and cost-effective system of three-phase alternating current. It was noted above that Mr. Tesla was unable to create the advanced design of two-phase electric machines, a long time he could not find a way to bound the three-phase system, stopping in front of the need to increase the number of linear conductors.
The best results in the development of multiphase systems reached GI Dolіvo-Dobrovolsky, who was able to provide their development of practical use and became the founder of three-phase AC technology.
A new stage in the development of Wireless communication started after the publication of scientific papers of James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879) "A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism" (1873), which in theory was proved the existence of electromagnetic waves and their free distribution in space with a finite speed.
The most convincing experimental evidence for the theory of justice DK Maxwell were obtained in 1886-1889 gg. Heinrich Hertz (1857-1894), who showed that the electromagnetic waves, like light, have properties: reflection, interference, diffraction and propagation in space at the speed of light.
With pochatku1890-s Nikolai Tesla devoted considerable attention to the study of the properties of electromagnetic waves and high technology. He built electric generators at frequencies of 5-20 kHz, high frequency transformer ("Tesla transformer") in its New Yorskіy laboratory, and began to study the problem of wireless signal and power over a distance.
The study of the history of technology always has a positive effect in the study of physics, making it more vibrant, natural and close to the people. Excursion into history can often find interesting ideas that, for whatever reasons, have not been implemented in practice. After all, our ancestors coined a popular expression, "new — is well forgotten old." It is impossible to make a certain discovery, without relying on the previously known scientific facts: them or confirm or deny. Even Isaac Newton (1643-1727) rightly noted, "If we have seen farther than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."
Inventive activity Nikola Tesla so bright and incredibly simple and yet brilliant, that it can not be ignored. But the study of the AC, because the cause is unknown, in higher education courses in electromagnetics and electrical engineering contributions of Nikola Tesla in this industry is almost never mentioned. We believe creative engineers, students do not have to stay away from this problem. Therefore, the main aim of the paper is to introduce them to the artistic legacy of the famous inventor. His discoveries were the basis of all electrical: induction motor, polyphase transformers odnoprovіdnikova line, wireless power transmission, remote control and automation, high-voltage resonant transformer, fluorescent lamps, the opening of the biological effects of electromagnetic fields, etc.
Nikola Tesla figure shrouded mystery. Therefore, the study of its innovation process: the wireless transfer of energy, electric car, the so-called "death rays" and much more significant opportunity for interesting exciting research. M. Tesla felt completely safe the use of electric energy of the earth as a huge spherical capacitor.
What kind of scientific interest can cause electromagnetic theory of Nikola Tesla, which has never been explained or expressed publicly. She does not use common concepts, such as "energy", "wave length", "frequency", and instead introduced a concept of "spiral vibration systems", "electric pressure", "transmission ratio", "air", "speaker electromagnetic fluid "," geometric handset capability. " We almost shocked identity theory M. Tesla, that gives rise to speculation, comparisons, intuitive understanding, and can encourage creative individuals for various search experiments.
M. Tesla believed that the world — a single continuous electromagnetic environment, and matter — one of the manifestations of electromagnetic waves, which are described by mathematical algorithms. He believed that the law of resonance is the most common natural law, and all relations between phenomena are established exclusively by all kinds of simple and complex resonance — a vibration consistent physical systems.
M. Tesla at the time argued that electric current is a certain voltage and frequency can be used for therapeutic purposes, it is possible to influence the opinions and emotions of the person using electromagnetism. As many of his contemporaries, the safety of this method M. Tesla proved significant passing current through the body voltage of about two million volts. An important place among thinking M. Tesla takes control weather events (hurricanes, atmospheric pressure, etc.). Inventor offered to cover the big city for an artificial "aurora", treating the ionosphere by high-frequency electric fields. Inductive coils M. Tesla at this time used for production of artificial lightning. It is appropriate to recall that in 1859, Henry Daniel Ruhmkorff (1803-1877) created an inductive coil, which formed at the terminals spark length 50cm. For this discovery, in 1860, he received 50,000 francs from the French Emperor Napoleon III.
In our time to experiment with ultra-low and ultra-high frequency vibrations, specific modulations that are part of the radiation of the ionosphere. The possible consequences of this are unknown. How is this possible? Why this idea has not been put into practice?. Such questions, in our opinion, are able to interest the creative engineers and students, to motivate them to educational and exploratory activity, think outside the box, in the abstract, to abandon the stereotypical patterns and approaches.
Undoubtedly, Mr. Tesla is interesting figure in terms of the future use in practice his unconventional ideas. Serbian genius managed to leave its mark on the history of science and technology.
His engineering have been applied in the field of electricity, electronics, cybernetics, biophysics and medicine. The activities of the inventor shrouded mystical tales, among which it is necessary to choose those in which the information is true, the real historical facts, scientific achievements and results.
Issues faced by the Nikolai Tesla, are still relevant today. Their consideration allows creative engineers and students of physical specialties broader look at the problems of modern science, to abandon patterns to distinguish truth from fiction, summarize and structure the material. Therefore views Mr. Tesla may be considered relevant today, not only for research in the history of science and technology, but rather as an effective means of prospecting, the invention of new technologies and the use of new technologies.


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