No oil or from Russia or from Venezuela

The fourth week of the Belarusian refineries Russian oil is not supplied. Minsk and Moscow have still not reached agreement on the contract price. Analysts believe that the causes of misunderstanding lies not only in the economic but also the political plane.

The concern "Belneftekhim" reported that Russian oil to Belarusian refineries are still not available. The concern had nothing to say about the prospects of signing oil contracts with Russia. At the refinery in Novopolotsk and Mozyr note that oil reserves will last only until the end of January, after which the duty cycle may have to stop. Meanwhile in the Russian company "Transneft" reported that in the absence of agreements are reserved for Belarusian oil is sent to other buyers.

Last year, Russia refused to supply duty-free oil on the grounds that it is not signed intergovernmental agreements on the establishment of the Common Economic Space. In late 2010, both houses of the National Assembly of Belarus has ratified all the necessary documents, but the expected result of their actions was not given. Now Russia needs to lay in the pricing formula additional $ 45 per ton, to ensure equal profitability in the supply of oil.

Stanislav Husak

On the "significant changes" in the oil issue was stated at the meeting last week in Moscow, Prime Ministers of Russia and Belarus — Vladimir Putin and Mikhail Myasnikovich. The head of the Russian government even promised that through the supply of oil Belarusian economy will receive indirect subsidies of more than 4 mlyardy dollars. However Myasnikovich left, and the refineries have remained on a starvation diet.

An expert in the field of energy Stanislav Husak believes that the causes of misunderstandings are not economic, but political in nature:

These Russian wolves have not ate and ate until Belarus, they will behave the way and lead now.

"It is difficult to say something when all negotiations are taking place behind the scenes, to secretly. But it seems to me now address issues simply prevent relations between Lukashenko and Putin, between Lukashenka and Medvedev. These Russian wolves have not ate and ate until Belarus, they will behave the way and lead now. But Lukashenko does not want to give away assets, holds himself wants to be a rich man. Oh, and here comes this dog commotion among them. I think that's in the foundation of all relationships. component primarily political, as well as poor personal relations between the leaders. "

Victor Tereshchenko

Economist and former presidential candidate in recent elections Victor Tereshchenko inclined to believe that Russia is playing a meaningful way on the nerves of the Belarusian authorities to let him know who the real owner of the so-called Union of space:

The sovereignty of Belarus, we almost started to lose from the middle of December.

"This is a demonstration and political and economic position of Russia. And I am convinced that in the coming months, pressure from Moscow will only grow to show a" gruel "Belarus. But it will not be like before, blazenstva, it will be at the state level and charged to particular conditions: pay — get. And it will be exclusively in the interests of the sovereignty of Belarus, Russia … we almost started to lose from the middle of December. And very soon it will be to understand ever more clearly. no chocolates, gifts will not. When will grant , they will be tough and clearly understood by Russia. "

Reporter: "But Putin allegedly promised subsidies for only $ 4 billion from oil …"

"Not so simple, say it again: gifts will not. Conditions are clear, hard, in the framework of legal documents and contracts. Naturally, the conditions that will put the Russian Federation. And with the arrival of a default that we have almost come, the bankruptcy of the state inevitably, it is increasingly apparent. And no pile of gold will not save the situation. These are all games that Karl Marx invented 150 years ago. "

Meanwhile, information about the new tanker with Venezuelan oil to Belarus.

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