Northern Europe frostbitten, and the south poured rain

Northern Europe frostbitten, and the south poured rainThe northern half of Europe was in the grip of frost High. Negative air temperature anomaly reaches here 5-8, and in the Scandinavian countries in places 10-15 degrees. On Monday night the air was cooling in Finland to -30, -33, -34 in Sweden, -35 degrees. Precipitation is not observed.

In Southern Europe the weather spoil the Mediterranean cyclones. For the past three days in Greece has fallen in some places up to 36 mm of rain, and the resorts of Turkey (Alanya) as much as 65 mm. While showers accompanied by thunderstorms and gusty winds.

Rain poured and Portugal. But this is the tricks of atmospheric front that stretched from the North Atlantic cyclone. Gauges of Lisbon — Portugal's capital — supplemented by 40 mm. Here rains accompanied by thunderstorms.

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