Not far from the Rotunda landed UFO?


Judging from the stories of people, flying saucers have chosen this area

Svetlana Kalmikova suspects that it wanted to steal the representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations

— Light, you seem to be at a party visited the UFO? — Such a scream woke in the morning to Monday, June 16, Svetlana Kolmykova her neighbor Alexander. Svetlana Pavlovna went outside his private house in the street Bovkun and froze: the middle section, filled with oats, grass was trampled, as if her "rest" a very dimensional object. Another was seen near a small circle of flattened vegetation.

While Svetlana Pavlovna trying to figure out what happened to her husband joined Viktor Ivanovich. He is a man, immediately turned logic. Lightning it could not be, then it would be all the grass was burned. Twister? Then, with a grass roots povyrvalo and frightened animals would …

In the yard Kolmykova a lot of different little animals: chickens, cats, dogs, and even a charming pony Mitrosha where Viktor rolls the kids in the park "Eaglet". None of them on the night of Sunday to Monday signs of anxiety not filed.

Was the only moment when the image on the TV suddenly froze, started some noise, but always calm Mitrosha at this point already started — remember his wife. — But maybe it was because of the storm (how nabedokuril lightning whacked on that day telecentre, read below. — "E!"). More than anything we were not disturbed …

— Probably, it's them after me! — Jokes 66-year-old Svetlana Pavlovna. — Two years ago, on June 12 in the morning I went for a walk with our Lord terrier. Reached the tram tracks and suddenly I saw — the dog snuggled up to me and all the shakes. I looked forward and saw the roof of a house hanging silver egg-shaped object about three meters tall.

Hostess said that in addition to aliens crush the grass on her site there was no one

I looked at him, and even make out the three pins in the bottom plate and something like portholes. It lasted a couple of seconds, then the object was hoisted up and disappeared. The excitement with me that day attack happened, the pressure … I then jumped to Lord said, "You saved me! I wanted to steal, but were afraid to contact with you! "

But a neighbor of Alexander there is another version of what prompted the alien visitors to pay a visit to the garden Kolmykova:
— Barley of oats were looking for a beer, they have it there, I suppose, is not growing!

But joking aside, flattened oats in the clearing is already beginning to sit up, and, most of all, Svetlana P. and Victor Ivanovich never know what or who landed on their site that night. The truth is, as we know, is always somewhere close by ….

Photos of Olesya Polyakova
and Gennady SHAKINA.

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