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Few noticed that on the modern Russian state symbols no money. That is, there is depicted not emblem of modern Russia.

In modern rubles worth of arms of the Provisional Government in 1917. He same is the official emblem of the Central Bank of Russia. During the February Revolution of 1917, after the abdication of Emperor Nicholas II from the throne (02/03/1917), the question of a new state emblem. Thumbnail emblem was designed by a group of experts, which included well-known artists and heraldry VK Lukomski, SN Troynitsky, GI Narbut, IJ Bilibin. Subsequently, the eagle printed on kerenkah — money the interim government.

Below are from left to right: coat of arms of the Provisional Government in 1917, a sample of coins CBR 2002 and a sample coin of 1998.

  Coin five rubles of 1998

Coat of arms of the interim government to kerenkah.  Scan:

Coat of arms of the interim government to kerenkah. Scan:

Emblem of the Russian Federation

I'm sure many know that the central bank to print money right enshrined in the Constitution, and the state has the right to print their own money there. Nevertheless, the money from the arms of Russia were struck, and they were not written by the "Bank of Russia" and "Russian Federation." This is a coin with the symbol of the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2012. The stores have stopped taking the money, but the important fact that in Russia released the state money, and not the central bank.

And here is the coin of the Russian state:

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