Now you can see the moon, like a book

November 22, 2011 23:19

"Lunar Orbiter Rekonassans"

"Lunar Orbiter Rekonassans" was launched by the Americans to the Moon in June 2009.

NASA provided the most accurate map of our natural satellite.
New topographic image of the moon provides data that lunar explorers were waiting with the era of "Appolonov." And just today she was able to finally appear. To make a new and yet very clear map of the lunar orbiter allowed "Lunar Orbiter Rekonassans» (Lunar Reconnaisance Orbiter), launched by the Americans to the Moon in June 2009. The spacecraft is equipped with six meters, including a wide-angle camera and a laser altimeter, reports

In the images, where one pixel is equal to 100 meters, offers almost the entire surface of the moon. And now you can see all details of its hollows and hills. It is true that most "small" hill, which can be considered comparable to the size of two football fields.

— Now, scientists can determine precisely which deviation from the major geological regions of the moon and how deformed layers on the surface — commented news Dr. Mark Robinson of Arizona State University. — Also, the new data will give a better understanding of the properties and volcanic processes in lunar craters.

Map is useful in the planning of human and robotic missions to the moon.


Selena is such a beautiful close.

Selena is such a beautiful close.

A mystery of the moon see through?

In the images of the moon have repeatedly found something unusual. For example, four years ago at a conference on Space photo department of the former head of NASA lunar laboratory Ken Johnston said that U.S. astronauts on the Moon photographed ancient ruins and some equipment. One of the photos allegedly made by the crew of "Apollo 11" from the surface of the dark lunar night showed through some cones and rectangles. This is huge — many kilometers — the tower of translucent glass-like material, assured Johnston.

A famous American explorer Joseph Skipper found on the satellite tower. And other strange objects spotted in the photos sent from lunar orbit automatic probe "Clementine" 25 years after the manned mission "Apollo."

Many towers — as if the entire Moon lined with them. There are also tapered, and in the form of parallelepipeds. In addition to them, come across objects that occupy a rectangular area and really like ruins. Some stretch for hundreds of kilometers, and remind you that the tunnels, or pipelines.

It is curious also that the images are a weirdo in public. Anyone can look at them and make sure: there is something there. Just go to the site, officially serving the mission of "Clementine."


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