Obsession Lake Labynkyr

February 6, 2012 16:46

Labynkyr always freezes after the neighboring lakes. Sometimes even in shestidesyatigradusny frost on it in ice to maintain the large polynya

The lake water Labynkyr amazingly clean and clear, and the lake in the form close to a rectangle of length 14 and a width of 4 kilometers. It is located in the Ulus Oimyakon Yakutia — the same one where the cold pole of the Northern Hemisphere, with its coming down to 70 degrees below zero. Deserted places around — the nearest village is removed by 105 kilometers. Which is quite ironic Labynkyr always freezes after neighboring lakes. Sometimes even in shestidesyatigradusny frost on it in ice to maintain the large open water.

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In the summer, on the surface of the lake can be easily seen three islands. One of them — with a diameter of 30 meters and a height of 5 meters — located exactly in the center and has a mysterious property. According to residents of the "nearby" village Tompor, he disappears under the water, then re-appears on the surface. And the rest of the island seemed to wander on the water surface of the lake, which can be associated only with some optical illusions.

A great mystery of Lake Labynkyr — this mysterious huge creature that Yakut and Evenki has long been called "the devil." About him almost from the XVI century. With "Devil" involves a lot of horror stories.

Said that once nomadic herders far left on sledges on a frozen lake. At one point, they saw that stick out from under the ice enormous horns of an animal. Herders tried to saw off them, but something huge and terrible stirred, ice began to crack with a crash, and almost a whole caravan of Evenki went under water.

Another time, a local hunter deer teams tied to any object sticking out from under the ice. He built a fire to keep warm, I heard a terrible crack: unknown subject swayed ice cracked, and something exorbitant size slowly carried away with a team of reindeer in the deep.

Horrible creature, the length of which, according to the descriptions of eyewitnesses, up to nine meters, in fact, feeds not only fish, but also deer, dogs, and even people. Locals say that once "devil" jumped ashore and chased a fisherman-Yakutia, which died from fear. Another time a monster stuck his head out of the water and the swimming dog once swallowed.

In 1921, the hunters decided to end our obsession lake. They stuffed deerskin smoldering hair, which, in turn, turned coals and allowed to float on the water. Monster interested bait and swallowed it. After a while he hanged from the burn of the stomach and jumped ashore.

But the attack on deer and people did not stop, so, Lake Monster was not alone. Years later farmer Peter Vinokourov picked up a huge animal jaw with teeth. When she placed vertically, underneath could travel freely on horseback or reindeer.

Testimony of Witnesses

Saw the monster and participated in many expeditions to the shores of the lake. First talk about the "northern monsters" started the newspaper "Youth of Yakutia" in 1958. Three years later, in the magazine "Around the World" was published diaries chief geological party of the East Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Viktor Ivanovich Tverdokhlebova. They confirmed the existence of a large unknown animal in lakes Labynkyr and Gates.

July 30, 1953 in a diary entry cited: "The object was sailing pretty close. It was something alive, an animal. It moved in an arc, first along the lake, and then directly to us. As they approached, a strange torpor, from which grows cold inside, cover me. Above the water rose a little dark gray carcass, the animal's eyes, and protruding from the body a bit of stick … We have seen only a small part of the animal, but the water is guessed huge massive body. " Tverdokhlebov, the assumption is that this whale, but ichthyologists not supported his idea.

In the sixties, to the lakes, a series of expeditions. No direct or indirect evidence of the existence of the lake monster Labynkyr found.

However, one of the bright nights of the Dubna scientists observed at Lake Gates pops up a large object in the distance, and even managed to take some pictures he left a trace on the water. Trail runs along the coast and ends with a large round spot — the impression that there had just dived large animal.

Then interest waned to the monster, and in the expedition has come a significant break. For a long time the only resident banks Labynkyr was half mad exile Trotskyite, who served his time and did not want to go back "to the mainland." His name was Alyams. He was fishing, changing it from the helicopter on the rare foods and vodka, and then when he was drunk telling stories that even seasoned listeners, as they say, jaw drops. It turns out that "devil" almost every full moon devoured tribute Alyams his tray.

The only time Alyamsa dragged away from the lake as early as 1993, when he fell seriously ill, and visiting fishermen took him to the hospital. Recovering, former Trotskyite shouted that it was impossible to take away from Labynkyr and now he just dies. He died — just after it was returned to the urgent request of the coveted shore.

A little earlier, in 1986, fell through the ice of the lake terrain vehicle, which attempted a warm-season divers. After another dive in Labynkyr they were so scared that the dive only agreed on one condition: "Or immerse us in a metal cage, or we refuse to work." We can only guess what kind of creature they saw in the depths of the crystal clear water.

"Kosmopoisk" and "Selector"

In 1991, on the banks of Labynkyr first reappeared expedition, whose goal is to detect "feature." She arrived from Estonia. With the help of instruments then have found a big crack in the bottom of the lake and a large object of unknown origin.

Interesting discoveries were made and the expedition of the research association "Kosmopoisk" visited Oymyakon heartland in the late autumn of 1999. Remotely from a depth of 39 meters was found one sloping underground and underwater stroke and two alleged vertical. Mysticism, the researchers showed that the water column within hundreds of meters was lifeless — next to the passages was not a single fish. On the shore were found strange footprints. No dents on the pebbles were observed, only like stalagmites of ice build-up, formed when runoff water crept to the shore of the body. As it can be concluded that the width of the mysterious animal was more than five feet.

Soon disappeared without a trace husky, which has settled in the evening to keep watch on the bank of the boat. Then in the morning the tent researchers was clearly heard a loud, not a human, as a "satanic" laugh. Local hunters said they did not know anyone who would publish such a creepy, blood-curdling sounds. In the end, all agreed that this place is not for nothing a notorious reputation.

Later, in search of monsters to come and participants are television documentary series "The Searchers." They brought with them the latest sonar and compact remote-controlled underwater vehicle "Dwarf". Already at the beginning of the search videoglaz "dwarf" recorded flashed big shadow. Later, at a depth of 42 meters depth sounder recorded large object. He also discovered an underwater crevice with a difference of depths from 40 to 82 meters. Fish do not approach this cleft closer than 20-30 meters — as if something was scared. When immersed in a crevice, "Dwarf", the search engines have seen a large number of images of skeletal remains of some animals. On the bank of the same every night could be heard some scary sounds, and in the air there was a strange tension. Once these sounds were recorded camcorder. When they analyzed the experts in Moscow, it was found that they did not belong to any known science of living things.

There were even made two bold attempts to catch a monster. First, search engines have used a fishing net from the modern high-strength material, but someone ripped them at a depth of 49 meters. Then tried to catch the monster "on live bait" like pike or walleye, using as a float empty 200-liter barrel. What was the astonishment of the expedition, when they did not find it on the surface of the water — "devil" dragged her under the water. It remained only to once again marvel at its size and weight.

A great mystery of Lake Labynkyr — this mysterious huge creature that Yakut and Evenki has long been called "the devil"

Scientists are still wondering: who can be this mysterious creature. The assumption of a giant pike, catfish or burbot reject professional ichthyologists. This is not the leopard seal or — such animals to haul. Inappropriate in this case and the popular hypothesis relic plesiosaur — a monster of Lake Labynkyr too massive head. If he looks like someone from the fossil aquatic predators, most on mosasaurs or ichthyosaur. However, participants are inclined to believe that the mystery of the monster from Yakut lake can be revealed in the coming years.

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