Odessa flew directly over eighteen UFO


On Saturday, October 25, around 21:00, a family of Odessa, walking around the city, watching the sky flying 18 luminous objects, consisting of two cone-shaped halves.

Photo Natalya Filatkin


"Did you manage to remove the camera, and the children to mobile. We still abide under the impression," — said the Ukrainian edition of Korrespondent.net from Odessa Natalia Filatkina. In his letter, and she put her photo.

The publication reminds us of another recent case, the UFO-seeing in Ukraine. Kiev blogger during the fireworks festival at the hem, which took place in the summer, also photographed a UFO. According to LJ user, saucer flew smoothly and slowly, and soon disappeared at the top. However, after 10 minutes there were 7 more objects, but they were flying an isosceles triangle. And just as quickly disappeared into the sky, said romy4.

In turn, the blogger from Malaysia was also able to detect UFOs, without leaving the house — it has led to confusion incomprehensible on a map of Florida in Google Earth. "It's definitely an unidentified flying object. But those who suggest that it is alien craft — dork" — relegating him to one of the readers.


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