Official Minsk does not want to loans from the IMF

Society IMF experts should assess the impact of new agreements with Russia on the Belarusian economy and to continue consultations with the Belarusian side about economic policies and structural reforms. As reported by "Freedom" in the IMF's permanent representative in Minsk, the issue of new loans will not discuss.

Head of the National Bank of Belarus Anatoly Drozdov added that an official request for new loans was not. Then for what goes IMF mission?

"If you go back in the history of our relations with the IMF, it was a period when we have any money from the IMF did not. In 2004, we said that, and do not need them. However, the IMF mission, we work on a regular basis, as Belarus is a member of the IMF . They analyze our performance, make recommendations. This is a very useful and productive. "

In the past two years Belarus has received a loan from the IMF on stand-by program of around 3.46 billion dollars. But last week, the head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that "no external borrowings wacky at high interest rates should not be. Necessary to settle with these."

The head of the analytical center "Strategy" Leonid Zaika notes that Belarus scored loans by nearly $ 25 billion, and that Lukashenko saw a threat.

"Belarus has never paid any debts. Not experienced it in their own skin. Consider if a family of four people, each family must complete the Belarusian 10,000 dollars. This is so much debt hanging on every family!"

According to Zaika, calculated by the Belarusian debts are Russians. The Russian leadership has promised Belarus $ 4 billion in annual revenue for cheap oil.

"That's this daygi, which are necessary in order to pay for these 25 billion. Five years is multiplied by four, it is 20 billion dollars. That is, the Russians understand that Belarus has got into more debt, that alone will not be able to pay off. And that Belarus had not gone to the West, Russia will pay the bills of the Belarusian nomenklatura. "

In the IMF's permanent representative in Belarus does not comment on the European Parliament resolution of 20 January, which refers to economic sanctions against the official Minsk and freezing any financial assistance, including through the IMF. A final decision on this matter will be taken by the European Council at the end of January.

But, according to Zaika, the paradox is that the official Minsk and now he will ask the loans.

"Loans Belarusians do not need. Worst thing that could be — this is a departure from the purchase of Belarusian oil products. This more than at $ 12 billion. Everything else — the seeds. When the Europeans stop buying oil, then begin a serious situation. "

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