Oil began to flow into the sea from the Brazilian deposits Fradi

Oil slickOn the deposit Fradi off the coast of Rio de Janeiro has leaked oil. Now experts Chevron oil company trying to stop it, work is underway in order to kill the well.

Brazilian state oil before the National Agency issued a statement in which it stressed that "the responsibility for ending the oil spill is on companies Chevron, because it is the operator of the field Fradi."

According to experts, the amount of leakage of between 200 to 330 barrels per day. Oil slick area of 163 square kilometers of the wind and a now, fortunately, refer to the southeast away from the Brazilian coast. Pollution of the water surface in the ocean are 18 vessels.

The exact causes of the oil spill from a depth of 184 meters 1000 have not been established. The main hypothesis is that the drilling oil began to seep through the geological fault.

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