On approaching typhoon Primorye

On Friday, June 24, a spokesman for the regional meteorologist Barbara Koridze reported that Primorsky Typhoon "Meara" threatened. According to her, the tropical storm was over the water area of the Philippine Sea and the next day will shift to the north-west and the night of 27 June, he reached the North Korean Peninsula. "In connection with the possible influence of a tropical storm on June 27," Meara "in Primorye weather, weather information will be updated forecasts and warnings," — said Barbara Koridze.
It should be noted that "Meara" — the fifth typhoon this year, was born in the tropical Pacific Ocean. It is unusual in its path over the last 30 years in June, tropical cyclones in the area did not go to the Korean peninsula and the impact of the weather Primorye has not.
The main output typhoon season in the temperate latitudes of the Far East continues from July to September. According to meteorologists, the current process of typhoon in the Pacific Ocean is in the decline stage. If in the 60's and 90's of the last century's generated up to 40 storms a year in recent years — only 15-20. Despite the fact that during the summer months in the tropical eastern Pacific typhoons are generated regularly, none of them came to the Japan Sea and the coast of Primorye. Typhoons are not affected by the weather in Primorye in 2004, recalls the ITAR-TASS news agency.

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