On Cayman blue iguana population has grown 75 times in ten years

 The number of iguanas inhabiting the Cayman Islands (UK), has grown over the ten years from ten to 750 individuals, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The number of unique iguanas in the Cayman Islands has fallen from several thousand to several tens of individuals because of the traditional hunting these lizards, habitat destruction and loss of reptiles on the road. In addition, iguanas victims of stray cats and dogs brought by settlers to the Caymans.

"Ten years ago, in the Cayman Islands in the wild, there were between 10 to 25 individuals of a giant Cayman blue iguana (Cyclura lewisi). This kind of lizard was listed in the Red Book in the category of species at risk of extinction. Environmentalists and scientists as part of a special program of IUCN Conservation blue iguanas were able to achieve growth in the lizard population to 750 animals, "- said in a statement.

As explained on the program website, experts resettled newly hatched young iguanas in protected areas, where iguanas gradually formed a separate sub-population. She began to grow and iguanas themselves settled all over the island.

IUCN notes that the current fears for the future of the blue iguana species decreased and experts "translated" a rare lizard in the category of "endangered."

However, as noted by one of the participants in the program to save the iguanas IUCN Fred Barton (Fred Burton), people are now intensively develops the Cayman Islands, that the number of iguanas is unlikely to increase to a few thousand.

"In any case, we (the participants in the program — ed.) Think to bring the number of iguanas in the wild to thousands of individuals," — said Barton, whose words are reported by IUCN.

Blue Iguana — the largest of terrestrial wildlife Cayman Islands. Its length can be up to five feet, and weight — 11 pounds.

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