On Earth, was a third less of living organisms

German scientists have found that the total biomass of all living organisms on our planet has decreased by a third, according sciencedaily.

By the previous experts in living close to a thousand billion tons of carbon, of which 30 percent was in single-celled microbes on the sea floor, and 55 percent of terrestrial plants.

However, recent studies have shown that these figures were greatly exaggerated. The total amount of carbon in living organisms has decreased by a third. Half of the world's oceans is extremely poor in nutrients.

Dr. Jens Kollmayer from Germany and his colleagues at the University of Potsdam and the University of Rhode Island sediment samples collected in the field, far from the coasts and islands. The study, which lasted six years, found that the sedimentary rocks in the hundreds of thousands of times smaller than the cells, and in the oceans now have a whole "marine desert", in which there is a profound lack of nutrients.

Previous estimates were based on rock samples taken closer to the coast, where there is usually more nutrients. New findings shed light on the actual distribution of the living biomass on Earth.

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