On the day of the death of fish in the Tom was not harmful

On the day of the death of fish in the Tom was not harmfulTold us the head of the Natural Resources Department of Natural Resources and Environment Victor Sirotin. According to him, the results became known analyzes of the water samples were taken on September 26 after a massive fish kill in Tom.

"Then the inspector Rosrybolovstva analysis took three water samples and dead fish. Today, experts have told us that there are no impurities in the water were found. Analyses of fish is not ready ", — said Victor Sirotin.

He added that the water from the gutters of Technology, as well as above and below the stream samples were taken more and 22 September during wastewater. Then it was found to exceed the content of suspended solids — 165 mg / l at the maximum allowable 14 mg / l and iron — 11.3 mg / l at the maximum allowable of 0.15 mg / l. In addition, the hydrogen found in water in an amount of 108 mg / l and the calcium salt in an amount of 21.8 mg / L, which normally should not be.

"Will this reset to the death of fish, September 26 — such a conclusion we will only end when the investigation into the incident. Results will be announced on October 13, "- said the head of the department of natural resources.

Recall, a series of enhanced inspections in wastewater CHP SCC began after September 2 rybozavodnom economy businessman Victor Kinev killed more than ten thousand sturgeon and carp.

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