On the line of fracture energy. For information about the entry to himself through the hole of the last stone

January 31, 2013 1:45

This giant is even older than the Egyptian pyramids.  Photo from www.life-trip.ru

This giant is even older than the Egyptian pyramids. Photo from www.life-trip.ru

Four months ago. By dolmens we specifically did not intend. It was a wonderful time — vacation.

It's the most wonderful time of the year, is not it, especially if you're a stone's throw from the sea? And so it was great to wake up to the singing of doves in a small resort town on the Black Sea, not hurrying to lunch, and then get into the car and, contrary to all the threads vacationers go farther and farther away from the surf.

Special plans was not in that day, literally drove aimlessly. Suddenly, a large shield-ad on the side of a mountain road, "I drive to the dolmens." We came. Next to utterly dilapidated "UAZ" — the same kind of guy. Take someone and somewhere wishes he obviously is not observed, it would now holodnenkogo beer, but the arbor, overgrown vines. But how do we get to the dolmens, does not want to talk, just looking at our skeptical «Sportage», poluprezritelno pulls, "And as you do not mind the car …"
Road and really adds a drive, especially when you have to cross mountain streams. Here it is inevitably reminded of the people "not knowing ford, not poke your nose into the water." But he and the holiday to the miracles happened. On the way met a wonderful family from Penza: mom, dad, daughter Jana. Come to this region — to the sea, camping holiday, but most importantly, to the dolmens — the seventh consecutive year. Their sinebokim «Hyundai» we reach the place from which further only on foot. Our cordial Penza conductors on the road tell the obvious and incredible about these facilities bronze seems to age. That they cure the disease, about each of them somehow formed different moods that when fotografiruesh interior of the dolmen, the photos every time a completely different picture. What is the relationship with the cosmos, in the end.

Five thousand years ago. Describe dolmens possible, they really need to see, or more precisely, to feel. Experts say that everyone coming to them soon found out it was his own, native dolmen, the relationship is to be as noticeable as, for example, a ray of sunshine, suddenly touching cheeks. No one has proved not significantly, from here in the mountains were these multi-ton (weight — 20 to 50 tons, the thickness of each wall can be up to half a meter) stone houses, a bit like bird houses, with a round hole in the center. Scientists also do not have confidence in, which were originally intended these stone creations of an unknown civilization. Around these mysterious prehistoric witnesses pores of humanity not found any traces of ancient settlements, or even fragments of tools with which they were built

In fact, if you know that the age of some dolmens here in the Caucasus, older than the Egyptian pyramids, at least half a millennium, what are the same tools at the most ancient time, it could carve grooves in the stone walls? Even with such pinpoint accuracy that today, tens of hundreds of years later, between the walls can not even stick a thin sheet of paper? But on this dolmen mystery does not end there. As it turned out, almost all of them are built on the fault lines of land, and the facade is always located in the direction of the watershed — energy is fantastic. If you talk to a stone giant, without skepticism, then after a while in the hands laid on the wall, there is a vibration.

In the way of a pilgrim always meet tent businessman.  Photo by Elena Demidova

In the way of a pilgrim always meet tent businessman. Photo by Elena Demidova

Again today. Then we were lucky again. It was chosen by us, "the Patriarch" (one of the largest in the Western Caucasus dolmens) came some tour group. Tourists as tourists, they are little heard my guide, and more would try to lie down, sit on the dolmen, smell it, touch it. "Just do not try to climb inside, you will not be able to pull out," — immediately warned the guide. She told now, perhaps, the conventional bike, a year ago, one of the tourists tried to go through the perfect round cut, but very small hole in the wall thickness sorokasantimetrovoy. And stuck. In the time to remember Winnie the Pooh cartoon of the same name, but the hapless lover climb to not have so lucky. In order to pull out, he seems to have broken all that is possible — no, even the laser technology to saw a monolith fortress was unable.

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