On the river, in the Voronezh region Bityug mass death of fish

On the river, in the Voronezh region Bityug mass death of fishOn the river near the village Bityug Mosolovka Anninskii Voronezh region was a mass death of fish.

Local people do not remember anything like this in these parts.

Alarmed rural fishermen began in mid-January. Ice-the-crybaby just swarmed suffocating fish. I did not believe in what this could happen due to the fault of nature.

In place of the Upper Don inspectors left the department of Fisheries and regional management of RPN. The first analyzes, taken up the river, did not reveal anything suspicious in the water: no change in color or smell. "Proof" surfaced later.

— Presumably, at facilities located upstream, could happen any unauthorized discharge. The river could get saponin — the substance is rapidly oxidized in the water, while consuming large amounts of oxygen. Find it very difficult. The first of these actions affected roach, perch, — the chief fisheries department Upper Don Alexander Golden.

There is another problem: count the damage and bring the perpetrators will be very difficult, because all the evidence is under the ice.

This year, a similar situation occurred in the river Sava.

Inspectors noted that active and poachers, who take advantage of the fact that the fish rises to the surface of the water, caught its networks. Now the fishermen and the public call for help to drill lanes, especially in lakes and ponds, where the fish are most affected by lack of oxygen.

Author: Tatyana Petrenko


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