On the Sun there was a severe outbreak in 5 years

A powerful solar flares, which recorded eve experts NASA, may cause malfunction of satellites and communications networks in the world, writes The Australian. Outbreak of such a force — the first since 2006, noted in the U.S. National Weather Service.

"A large cloud of particles in the shape of the fungus, breaking away from the sun and then opal. Was a feeling that it has covered the half the solar surface," — the scientists describe what they saw.

However, since the release was not aimed directly at Earth, there are no significant effects can be expected, added to NASA. In the service of the National Weather Service, in turn, argued that the flash can cause geomagnetic disturbance — from minor to moderate. By vote of the scale of geomagnetic disturbances — somewhere between G1 and G2.

Sunny release includes a large amount of power for the first time since December 2006, when there was a similar outbreak, experts added. Magnetic storm on Earth can cause disturbance in the power grid operation, and in the more delicate instruments — such as GPS and GPS-navigators, respectively.


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