Opened in Ufa obstetric-gynecologic body RCH them. GG Kuvatova

June 1 in Ufa opened a new obstetrical and gynecological body of the Republican Clinical Hospital. GG Kuvatova for up to 120 beds. Construction Corps began in the 2010m year.

The new five-story building has all the necessary facilities: comfortable Chamber to co-host the mother and child, eight ancestral halls.

In addition, an area of nearly 16,000 square meters is the emergency department of obstetrics and gynecology, neonatal pathology unit with 20 beds, pregnancy pathology section with 30 beds, office antenatal preparation, studies of ultrasound diagnostics, rapid laboratory facilities department, office of Rehabilitation Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, neonatal unit, the physiological section, operational, labor and gynecological units and intensive care unit.

According to the rules of the hospital to go through a wash. In mid-July, after the completion of all interventions, it will receive its first childbirth.

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