Over Yakutia and over the Urals recorded UFO


On the night of the sixth on November 7 Yakutsk residents could observe a curious phenomenon.

At about 00.10 in the sky above the city appeared a bright point of light. Originally flame was passed for the plane, but after a few seconds it became clear that the airliners to this subject has nothing to do. Bright ball moved silently in the autumn sky, moving at a snail's pace.

At least, so it seemed from the ground. The sky that night was dark, so bright glowing object was clearly visible. The flight path of an unidentified object completely coincided with the stories of eyewitnesses who repeatedly published in the world media. The ball that hung in the air, then began to move in different directions, without regard to the laws of gravity. Round object was in sight about ten minutes, and then suddenly disappeared, as if dissolved.

Of course, it is difficult to judge what is actually flew over Yakutsk. Visually glowing ball was to the west of the city over the spot where the military part number 77981 space, RIA "Vostok-Media."

In addition, in the skies over Nizhny Tagil hanging for a few minutes 'flying saucer'. One of tagilchan had time to photograph a UFO.

As the "New Region" chapter of the Ural expert committee on anomalous phenomena Alex Koman experts during the week studied the picture and came to the conclusion that the photo is authentic. "Flying Saucer photographed the 35-year-old local resident Artem. Of course, at first we were skeptical. There were 2 versions — it's "photoshop" or that the photographer was inadequate when the picture is taken. We have carefully studied the picture, and now we are 98 percent sure that the photo is real. In addition, Artem goes as I at UAZ, and these people just do not chat "- sure COMPANIES.

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