Paintings from the parallel dimension

December 27, 2011 5:54

Afterlife does exist, and continue to create outstanding people in the other world — think parapsychologists. His works convey the spirits of famous artists to people from time to time by entering into contact with them. And there are those who argue that the stories get their creations from the representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence …

Thus, the Englishman Matthew Manning, he said, supported otherworldly connection with Leonardo da Vinci, Albrecht Durer, Pablo Picasso and other great artists. In trance, the man drew a picture, which, in the opinion of specialists, no different from the canvases painted by these luminaries.

Brazilian psychologist Louis Gasparetto, in a state of trance in front of the TV camera has written 21 picture. This proved to be "new work" of art by such masters as Renoir, Cezanne and Picasso. "The Artist" painted not only fast, but also with both hands simultaneously on two different canvases. Before that Gasparetto never had to do anything like this. Later, he created several paintings depicting their home in the dark. He said that he can draw no light, as his hand over the power leads.

The spirit of an unknown artist settled in Maria Pereira, a resident of the Spanish village Belmets. In her house suddenly began to appear strange ghosts — some people's faces … Journalists repeatedly managed to photograph them, and experts in painting came to the conclusion that these are portraits in the style of expressionism. But who is the author?

Under the floor in the house of Mary Pereira found rotten human bones. It was found that the site of the village was once a cemetery. Maybe there was buried mysterious artist? By the way, when the bones removed the light of day, "portraits" ceased to appear.

One of the most famous national artists contactees — Andre Siebert from Yoshkar-Ola, cartoonist, whose work is known all over the world.

July evening in 1994 Andre was at home alone. Suddenly, he felt a sense of incomprehensible horror. My ears heard a strange noise like the roar of car engines, and followed this with a body covered severe weakness. Andre had to hold on to the wall to get to the couch.

He heard a sound of loud voices, speaking in an unknown language. For some reason, the sound of their whole body caused a sharp excruciating pain … room was illuminated with bright white-yellow, gradually thicken into a spherical shape. Andre was the delay in the center of the ball.

Passed through him like lightning, convulsions shook the body. Simultaneously before Siebert on a yellow background with great speed swept the bright red signs, symbols and images. Somehow, the artist managed to understand their meaning.

Get off the ground, he could not, it seemed incomprehensible force pinned to the floor. Suddenly there was a strong bang — and the voice spoke in Russian. However, they sounded very monotone, every word uttered twice, even three times. Physical condition while Andre was still horrible … He lost track of time …

But that's all over. Andre opened his eyes and saw the fog lifted, and the room with his back to it is short-haired blonde woman in a tight, tight black body suit, painted numerous logos and characters. Growth stranger within three meters.

He heard directly in the brain addressed to him fragmentary words of which realized that his guest has arrived to Earth from Sirius, and that he, Sibert, specially chosen for the contact. Then she began to speak in a tongue, his eyes drifted through the air to the wall and disappeared into it. In this first contact Andre Siebert ended with extraterrestrial intelligence.

From the day the aliens visited him more than once. He visited their guest on an alien planet, and once he even entrusted the management of the spaceship … The new "friends" Siebert told him a lot of incredible information about life on Earth, including the answer to the mystery of Egyptian pyramids …

During the contact, falling into an altered state of consciousness, the artist conveys this information through pictures. In particular, it shows people of Sirius, their flying machines … Sometimes Siebert says words in a foreign language … However, all that happens to him, he takes too seriously …

Yes, this kind of phenomenon can be treated differently. But there is documentary evidence — fantastic paintings depicting reality, clearly does not belong to our world … Is it just a figment of the imagination of the authors? Or are we to believe that some of us are able to enter into a parallel dimension?

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