Parallel World» (№ 71 14.08.2008 Thursday)


We are confronted with phenomena that can not be explained even science.

I am an instrument in the hands of something

— Much in this world to understand and explain. In 1991 I had a serious illness. I was in the hospital in serious condition after surgery on the lymph node, and so turned to God: Lord, give me a healing for my children! It all happened suddenly — started a pun with his hands. I — a farmer, accustomed to working with a shovel, began to wave them like a dancer. It is not clear where it came from plastic in your hands, is only seen in Indian films.

She came home, was treated hand flapping his little daughter Lena. A husband does not believe in God, kept saying: "I believe in the universe, and there is no God." Ill it back. "All I can" — lay and lies. I was flapping hands to deliver him from the pain. He says, "Hey, I feel better." After 15 minutes, the pain completely disappeared. After a neighbor invited. She told another neighbor. So I began to engage in treatment.

My husband says, "Well, 18 years of living, did not notice anything." And he starts to press my hands. I said, "Paul, you're not pressing the hand, all the same until I'm done, will not stop wagging." He calmed down, but was afraid of, I thought — schizophrenia. I went to the doctor, they examined me and said, "Go home, you are a normal person."

Besides God there is something strange to us. Here I am a Christian, but when the plant flowers, grow vegetables, referring to mother earth, to the sister-Vodice — and get a good result. And when you do not turn, do not expect a good harvest.

I can not explain how it happens, but I cured the people. I appeal to God, doing some hands excesses, charge the water, it is carried to the sick.

Yet the gift of prediction — watch man up and see what's coming. If someone directs me, I have a tool in the hands of this thing. They say the same, there is a visible world, and there is an invisible, we do not know. Maybe from the invisible world of space and control, there is also the angels, archangels. Strongly do not delve how things are going and where is going. So I say to myself: I — my grandmother-midwife that helps give birth to children. Husband going to fly, fly his wife, and so it appears that the children they produced.

B. DRYAZGINA, healer

— When my grandmother died, we were living in her apartment. And I heard as she walked, talked, the doors opened. Suited to the child's bed and asked, "What Leshechka, sleeping? Well, sleep, son, sleep. " Then again, slamming the front door, I heard it's not a dream, but in reality, but could not turn around. We slept with the door closed on the lock and with the light on. When lying in the hospital with a child, my grandmother came to her husband, after all as the beginning of shaking going! In the room was a table, chairs, tree christmas, chest of drawers, all were shut down. The husband told me that when I was in the kitchen, suddenly stopped the tape recorder. Went over to the dresser: door ajar, a tape cassette that lay before the top, was inside drawer. After that, my husband went to live with his mother. I think there is something after death, does not seem like something my grandmother, so bother us. I hated it was, and she wanted to leave the apartment not to me and my brother. When she came in a dream to her husband and said, "Why do you live here? I do not leave you flat, you still live here will not be. " Of course, it was a terrible stay, sometimes calling neighbors to come to the apartment.

Went to church, light a candle for the dead. To the priest appealed, asking why she does not give us peace? He immediately said that up to three years and will be. Three years later, we celebrated the funeral, and all was quiet, it does not bother us anymore. How to explain this? It means that something is there.

NATALIA Kirsanovs, newsagent


— There is a belief or tradition: if mowing the ranks of long drying time, we need to blow the whistle — and the wind will be. That's what I heard as a child. And four years ago, when my mother was alive, did not dry hay, I began to whistle. Suddenly, out of nowhere flew hurricane. Kopeshku instantly grabbed and hay scattered in the air. Below we mowed the neighbors, they all saw. I was terribly, and her mother said, "What dosvistelsya?" Where that came from? What a coincidence, or what kind of magic — still do not understand. But on TV and saw how old people are whistling, and self-fulfilling prophecies waiting wind.

EUGENE Vedenin, work UKVZ

We are surrounded by signs

— Came to me at night brownie. I dreamed a dream, woke up that night, but I can not move his arm or leg. And I feel hairy hand raises a pillow with me. It's like planting me. All really see around me, and I can not move. Fear not, some inner panic. He himself did not see, only a hand — more precisely, felt, and the impression that it is reddish, like an orangutan. The next day at work told colleagues, they say, hairy hand you raise somewhere.

I think it was a warning of fate, the man is always given a chance, we are surrounded by signs, he understands, someone passes by. We must tune in and feel it. After that incident, I started writing poetry and painting.

LARISSA Migdal, astrologer


— We learned a sophomore-ped Institute. On New Year came to tell fortunes with her friends at night at the home of fellow student. They sat down at the table, drew a circle on a sheet, write the alphabet and the words "yes, no, hello, goodbye." Laid on top of an inverted bowl with a painted arrow. Fingers touched her and uttered the words: "Call the spirit Esenina Esenina spirit, come forth!" Repeated several times, at first it was funny. For a long time nothing happened, and then a plate began to move around and answer questions, point the arrow on the letter. We ask: "Surrender session?" The spirit replied: "Yes", we rejoice. Began to learn about the suitors. Plate Cool, cool, and then without fingers began to fly. First, the spirit answered calmly, and then huffed and began to send mate. Even catch the plate, she untwisted that just fell off the table.

IRINA Davletova, chemistry teacher

Cured warm hands

— Once I had a compound fracture and dislocation of the foot to shift. Very long and limp terribly worried. And I was introduced to a woman, a psychic. Before that everything belonged to this very skeptically. When she was away from my feet, holding hands, I felt the aura. So warm your hands, do not touch, cured me. Another case — I had a mug. Formed a red spot, a high fever, she went to the doctor. Diagnosed as having said that very long-term illness can spread throughout the body. A friend says that Shubino have a grandmother, she will heal. Went to his grandmother three times, stain is gone! When it came to the doctor, he said, "Being treated with the help of God? Well, right. "

After two strokes on the tablet core. More recently learned that in the Kata-Ivanovsk have a woman who heals. 'd Heard about the damage, I was told that if get rid of a close friend, then get better. But at the moment no one closer it was not, and frankly, did not believe in slander. The healer immediately transferred all the sores in the first place — Blight. For three days I was cured, and that's one and a half months since I do not drink drugs sugar to normal, I work in the country, do not measure the pressure.

Lyudmila Podryadova, teacher

It was Jesus

— Flying saucers seen in 1971, when he was in aviation technical school in Perm. There were a lot of them. Bright as lights and large, oblong and circular hung at a height of approximately twelve kilometers. There was then a man on duty, in the morning produced a little spring cleaning, and when she brought out the water, he saw them. Then, in the 80s, when it served in the Trans-Baikal Military District, the pilots of our regiment were acquainted with the order — for not chasing UFOs and fire on them not to open. One pilot said: flew with him something bright and incomprehensible. But time was ordered not to shoot and not to take any action, he carried out his maneuver on the so-called planning table. And to all the time was near.

Around the — on the ground and in space — is aired. This is such an invisible substance, which also wrote Newton, and it can exist parallel worlds.

The beginning was my communication with the invisible world during meditation. I lived in Kirovograd and attended yoga circle. There's a dead body posture when you start to move in space and see yourself from the outside. First time seen in meditation three men in white robes. They are watching me, and controlled. Constantly aware of their presence, and even asked them for permission. For example, I have been healing, and when he came to a stranger, they were somewhere above me. I kind of flew up to him and asked, "Do I have permission to be healed?" They said, 'Please work. " Thus leading me about ten years, then transferred to Jesus. I turned to God the Father, and saw, worth meters in six or seven man in a blue robe with a yellow fringe. He showed me the finger behind his back. Turn my head, and there is a small scene, and something shiny. Picked up — it was a small diamond from the metal. And after he saw, he broke in his hands, and the fire ran through the entire body. And when he raised his head and saw a man in a royal attire, in the chair, he walked from the bright lights. I understand — it is Jesus Christ and his disciple Peter …

Sergey Filimonov, the watchman

Prepared by A. Remez.
Photo by the author and A. Petukhov.

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