Pedagogical University student expelled after Squares

Activist of the youth wing of the UCP, a student of the first course of the history department of the Belarusian State Pedagogical University Tatiana Gribovsky reported that she was expelled from high school for "failure".

The reason for such a decision, as the UCP website said Tatiana, her presence was Dec. 19 at the Plaza and arrested for it.

"On January 19 I was at the Plaza — says Tatiana. — I was detained, I served 10 days. Then he came to the university. Dean said, we have to take help — it will be a good reason for my absence. I took the certificate, and I was admitted to the scoring session. Scoring session passed without problems. Also easily passed two exams. And in the next two I just cut down. One teacher put a deuce, and another hinted at the area, they say, not from the beginning of life.

On the second retake the teacher really did not appreciate: she said that all wrong and crossed my job without explanation. On re-take with the commission I was well prepared and responded confidently, but I said, they say, poorly prepared and generally incompetent. And then, when announcing the results, assistant dean in his opening remarks said that the normal students should learn, and do not walk on the area.

Now I automatically expelled for academic failure. "

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