People have been programmed to self-destruct!

March 14, 2012 10:49

Biologists and doctors say that our body can serve us for at least 150 years. But why with all that people live an average of seventy years? Because it was predictably higher intelligence, or because we can not solve the mystery of his own longevity?

People have been programmed to self-destruct!

Autumn 2011. An international team of archaeologists carried out excavations in the Borjomi Gorge. Began to study the ancient burial to the river Kura, scientists had no idea how extraordinary discovery awaits them. The remains, were sensational proof of the existence in the past people giant. Restoring the skeleton of the ancient giant, scientists have come to the conclusion that the growth was not less than 10 meters. But the most important discovery was made after the study of bone tissue. It seems incredible, but found a giant died at the age of 800 years!

Also in 2011 a group of Russian biologists made the controversial statement: every man is immortal. But the intervention of some higher power in the gene, people were programmed to self-destruct. How true this statement, the authors have tried to figure out a documentary on REN TV "Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman. Immortality. "

Doctor of Medical Sciences Victor Zuev sure that the human body can exist forever. In 2011 he made a sensational statement: aging — is a complex biological program of self-destruction of man, the purpose of which is to kill a man at any cost! "In twenty-five years, the growth of the program ends, turn aging program — says Victor A. Zuev. — Aging is the implementation of certain genetic programs. Here are programmed 70 years — and then you have to live 70 years or more. "

To uncover the secret of immortality, we must first understand why we age? Alexander Zuev says he was able to find an answer to this question! According to the theory of Victor Zuev complex mechanism of self-destruction in our body starts a certain substance. Scientists have named it — the aging. Victor Zuev, "The factor of aging is found in lymphoid cells of the spleen. We conducted special studies and tend to think that it is synthesized, so to speak, self-sufficient. " In the brain, according to scientists, the mechanism of self-destruction starts from birth. It turns out that for life in mind is an irreversible process of dying nerve cells — neurons. As a result of the death of neurons in their place in the brain fills in the connective tissue.

Over time, the connective tissue breaks down communication between living neurons. Of deteriorating memory and coordination. A disruption of the normal supply of nerve cells — the cause of wrinkles, sagging muscles, gray hair. Teeth fall out, and reduced sex drive. Connective tissue cells replace the functionality inherent in this body and thus body loses some of its functions are broken metabolism and the person dies. Moreover, as a result of numerous studies have found out that such a program of self-destruction with age included in all other human organs. Aging has several levels. Each train is duplicated by others. That even in the event of failure of one tier — this particular still dying.

Now for certain established that self-destruct mechanism was introduced into the genetic code of living things recently. Only 120 million years ago. But why in the nature of death appeared? Even among scientists is believed that it is extraterrestrial in origin.

It seems as if all programmed some external force. It artificially modified the human genome and human programmed to self-destruct.

MD Alexander Zyuganov, said that he could get closer to the opening of the drink of immortality. Find the key to achieve eternal youth helped scientist studying salmon, spawning from the Atlantic to the northern rivers of Russia. Here are preserved in large colonies pearl mollusks. Normally, a maximum of two weeks after spawning, the fish to die. But it does not. Clams use salmon as a surrogate mother. Settled in the gills of salmon embryos pearl, injected into the body of fish elixir of youth. Dr. Alexander Zyuganov, managed to obtain the substance. We are carrying out laboratory experiments.

But Victor Zuev sure that he discovered a substance that cause aging man, stronger than any elixir of youth. Why can not conquer death to anyone. We can only extend the life of the person. Today we are not reliably know what awaits each of us after death. We can only imagine how our lives will increase in the future, advances in science. And the only thing we know for sure. Immortality can only be reborn into a new entity. And to do this in any case we have to die.

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