Perhaps the Phobos-Grunt broke aliens

November 9, 2011 21:30

Perhaps the "Phobos-Grunt" was broken by aliens

Aliens have long suspected that they spoil the earth technique. Specialists of the Russian space industry for some reason is not much mind

Mysticism, but the Russian space station, unsuccessfully launched to Mars in the night of November 9, 2011, was among the XXI slaughtered on the way to it.

The shadow of the god of fear

Mystically minded skeptics predicted the failure of the mission, "Phobos-Grunt", two years ago, for technical reasons, it has been delayed start. You say, "something to Mars will not let me," and the road to it is opened every time. And as the water looked. Or jinxed — did not open the road …

Let me remind you, Nov. 9, 2011, after leaving the Earth orbit Russian station was unable to go to the flight path to Mars — for some reason the car.

It would seem, where does mysticism? But it is difficult to escape from. Indeed, since 1960, when attempts were made to send to Mars research probes, humans have killed 21 aid. The Soviet Union and Russia — 13 pieces, the Americans — 6, one — and one Japanese — Europeans. Before the poor start of the Russian spacecraft "Phobos-Grunt" They were the last of "distinguished", losing probe Beagle 2 in 2003.

Among the unsuccessful mission — and the joint Russian-American — Mars Polar Lander. The machine crashed during landing.

A successful mission — 18. That is, less than half of all attempts. Development of other celestial bodies accompanies such damning statistics — only Mars.

The most serious mystical "aggravation" happened in 1989, when the first attempt was made to deliver the landers on the surface of Phobos — Mars satellite, named after the Greek god of fear. Then, mysteriously, already reaching the Red Planet, lost the Soviet space station Phobos-2. And the year before that lost contact with the station Phobos-1.

The situation worsened a strange phenomenon: a few seconds before the abyss, Phobos-2 transmitted to Earth obscure footage. They could see a huge object in the shape of a spindle. And he moved.

Here is the station "Phobos-Grunt"

Here is the station "Phobos-Grunt"

Here is the Phobos - "potato" diameter of about 26 kilometers

Here is the Phobos — "potato" diameter of about 26 kilometers

"Spindle" captured the missing station Phobos-2

"Spindle" captured the missing station Phobos-2

UFOlogists, naturally, offered the theory that the earth's machine shot down by aliens. A spindle — it is their ship. Or the shadow of it.

Versions of many like it. And the subsequent failure was ascribed to them, too — evil aliens who, for whatever their reasons, not every time allowed humans to Mars.

And as if on purpose after the Phobos-2 killed two apparatus — U.S. Mars Observer and our Mars-96. No joke? For eight years, no one can get to the next planet. How can you not give vent to the most fantastic suspicions?

Not long ago, seems to be a mystery cleared up. At least partially. Specialists explained, where he could take the images captured with the Phobos-2, an object in the form of a spindle. And what he is like. Simulate the situation on the computer, NASA experts have concluded that the "spindle" probably looked a shadow, which this Phobos — a satellite of Mars — cast on the surface of Mars.

The shadow of Phobos on the surface of Mars

The shadow of Phobos on the surface of Mars

Satellite of Mars could cast a shadow on the surface of the planet

Satellite of Mars could cast a shadow on the surface of the planet

That is, the aliens are not to blame. At least in the disaster 12 years ago.

But it is difficult to convince the UFO. Even though they understand the current failure is unlikely to rely on the machinations of hostile forces. It seems that we are on their own screwed up.


"Monolith" on Phobos: from deciphering will have to wait

Attention to a strange object on Phobos regularly attracts legendary astronaut Edwin (Buzz) Aldrin — the man, the second to set foot on the moon in 1969. According to him, all those who have seen the photo "Monolith", no doubt, that it there who bet. And this, of course, only adds to suspicion of alien activity on Mars and its environs.

Ufologists do not doubt that the thing was left up any of the newcomers. But about her appointment speculated.

"Monolith" on Phobos

"Monolith" on Phobos

The object was discovered in 1998. It was found by researchers Efreyn Palermo and Len Fleming in pictures (SPS252603 and SPS252603), transferred the probe Mars Global Surveyor. It was they called the "Monolith"-like object either on the stove, or the tower, or the dome height of about 76 meters.

"Monolith" and the computer reconstruction (bottom left)

"Monolith" and the computer reconstruction (bottom left)

Unfortunately, even if the fate of the "Phobos-Grunt" would have been successful, it is unlikely that we could count on the study of the mysterious object.

The Institute of Space Research reported that in general about the "Monolith" the first time they hear.

Said Alexander Basilevsky, head of the Laboratory of Comparative Planetology and Meteoritics Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences Vernadsky:

— "Monument" is located near Stickney crater, and thus far away from the intended landing "Phobos-Grunt". And thank God! We were in a landing stones, especially large ones, are not needed.

According to Irina Karachevtsev, an employee of the laboratory study of extraterrestrial territories of the Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography (MIIGAiK) — an organization that has made a detailed map of Phobos, the so-called "Monolith" is on the "leading" side of Phobos (Leading site) with a longitude of 90 degrees. And she — out of range of possible landing sites.

Sorry … As in his time put a representative of the Canadian Space Agency — Dr. Alan Hildebrand,

"If we get to that" Monolith ", then fly somewhere else, may not be needed.

But do not get so far.

Vladimir Lagowski

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