Permjak found in his supernatural powers


The man-magnet — so called people who are able to attract metal objects. As it turned out, one of them lives in the city of Perm.

Yuri Smirnov unusual gift found at only a couple of weeks ago when, after a televised pro psychics he decided to test their capabilities. To his own surprise, as soon as you are: metal utensils drew him like a magnet.

Jury can not move, tuck, jump, bend a little — items grip on the skin. It is noteworthy that more than to any part of the body miracle men metal objects do not stick.

But Yuri believes that "magnetism" — not the most amazing quality. 25 years ago he survived clinical death. Since that time, he is interested in everything supernatural. 10 years studying tarot cards, wondering at hand.

"He feels what decision is correct, what is not — say colleagues. — You can ask him for advice, what decision to take."

How to explain this gift, Yuri does not know. He hopes to find people with the same abilities to determine their nature. Material gain is not looking for a psychic, but the benefit will be for him a joy.

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