Physicists have the fifth state of matter

The ions extracted from this piece of lead, have created a "very, very small Big Bang"

The plan works at CERN supercollider LHC, the researchers had to go to the experiments with colliding beams of protons to the collision of beams consisting of heavy lead nuclei. It was necessary for the experiments to obtain and study the quark-gluon plasma — a soup of quarks and gluons, which are protons and neutrons fall under the highest temperatures and pressures that occur at the time of such collisions.

These experiments began on 7 November and the next day have been completed. The scientists were able to observe the appearance of the quark-gluon plasma, the same state in which the universe was in the first one hundred thousandth of a second of its existence. Commenting on the event, BBC quoted a representative of CERN, "It was a very, very small Big Bang."

But physicists working on the supercollider, impressed not so much that they were able to get a fifth state of matter, and that, with what ease and speed they were able to reconfigure the supercollider to work with beams of lead ions. November 4 the last time they watched the collisions of protons and 7 November, at half past midnight, has already started to register the first collisions of lead pencils. Then it took another day to bring supercollider on stable operation — it happened in the 8 November, at 11.20.

"The speed of the transition to lead ions indicates that the LHC project has matured, — said director general of CERN, Rolf Heyer (Rolf Heuer). — The machine worked like clockwork after just a few months of routine work. " All detectors supercollider successfully reconfigured to work with heavy ions, and from the first collision of beams register them without a single failure.

After the end of the experiments with lead ions supercollider to be stopped for the winter 'technical' vacation, and in February will continue experiments with protons. It is assumed that the supercollider will relentlessly work for the rest of 2011 year.

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