Placebo — Unravel the mystery watch online

Placebo - Unravel the mystery watch online
In a remote village in the south-west of Ireland gathered 5 more outstanding scientists of the world. Their task — to explore a number of mind-blowing events occurred in different parts of the world. In Los Angeles, mysteriously healed the lady with the heavy form of depression, with no real pills. Italian scientist with sverhtehnologichny equipment tries to understand how a dead saint could heal man from a confused sclerosis. A veteran of the war in Texas was spared the torture the pain in his knee mutilated, a means of simulated operations. These phenomena explain the intractable doctor called the placebo effect. We are talking about mind-boggling possibilities to heal planted in us. The five scientists are convinced that the key to the newcomer found a method of healing diseases, defies all modern medicine.

Medicine, Biology, Anatomy

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