Podium pursue otherworldly forces


In the group of "Podium", which, by the way, recently turned one, some kind of hell is going on — the girls are constantly breaks down household and handling equipment. Models are considering to seek help from a familiar clairvoyant …

Group "Podium" managed to win the love of many listeners "Russian Radio" — no wonder the song "I'm sorry, I'm leaving" is not the first week does not leave the hit parade of the "Golden Gramophone". But how to recognize the "Russian Radio" singers of the band in their lives recently created a real hell — the girls absolutely had an awkward relationship with technology.

By the permanent disconnection dryer during installation, problems with microphones and music girls have become accustomed. "We have had to sing live without music and without microphones, — Marina Matveeva. — But, judging by the reaction of the audience, every time we come out of this situation brilliantly. "

"I recently was going to broadcast the central station — says Adeline. — First, I seized the lock on the door, then hung up the phone. He is my 4 months worked properly. And then passed out! I could not call to warn that the detainee could not specify the address. In the end, got lost and missed the broadcast. When got to the end remained exactly a minute. Only had time to say "Hello" and then immediately "so far"! "

In the last photo shoot is also not without mystery. A friend of the girls, "Catwalk", was present at the photo shoot, take a picture on amateur camera. And when viewing photos on one of them noticed a strange spot.

Mist on the street at that time was not near no one was smoking. Where did the haze, is not clear.

"Moreover, if you look closely, you can clearly see the man's face. We have long been familiar with a clairvoyant — said Dasha — and want to turn to her for help and advice. So she told him why we were constantly going around some hell … "

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