Poland seriously excited deployment of Iskander near Kaliningrad

Deployment of "Iskander" near Kaliningrad

According to statements by Radoslaw Sikorski (Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs), as "Interfax", Warsaw is very concerned about the possible militarization of Kaliningrad, and placement of tactical missile systems.
On the eve of the talks in Moscow, which is scheduled for December 14, Sikorski said: "According to our estimates, the Russian-Polish relations in recent years have greatly improved. And so with great surprise, we met the November statement by President Dmitry Medvedev to build a missile defense system in Europe. Ultimate form, which has been applied, is not necessary in a relationship as between neighbors — Poland and Russia, and between partners — NATO and Russia. "

"Very concerned about the prospect of a future militarization of the Kaliningrad region, and in particular the deployment of offensive systems" Iskander ".

Polish minister also said: "All this may serve as a demonstration that Russia perceives NATO as a potential enemy and the enemy. And I sincerely hope that this is not so. " "Let me remind you that in 2010 (November) at a summit in Lisbon, NATO and Russia have openly declared that they are ready to closely cooperate in the construction of missile defense systems. All this is related to our common security interests, and we should all stick to it. I am quite sure that Russia and NATO are able to develop such mutual guarantees and principles such cooperation, which will only serve to strengthen the strategic partnership. "

According to the newspaper "Sight" Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on November 29 gave a personal order to introduce into service the newest radar (SAR) of the "Voronezh-DM", which will set near Kaliningrad on the Baltic coast.
After this, the president congratulated the personnel of the radar, and was confident that the launch of the system will be perceived by the West as the tone of the Russian Federation to the possible need for a response to any threats during the creation of the European missile defense. Somewhat earlier, Dmitry Medvedev stated that Russia does not intend to abandon the dialogue with NATO and the U.S. missile defense system in Europe, but it will act on the basis of actual events.

Russian head of state also said that if the U.S. missile defense system will be deployed, Russia will retain the opportunity to leave the START-3, and of course declare categorical refusal of further disarmament.
Medvedev also insisted the immediate introduction into service of radar early warning, as well as the deployment of missile complex "Iskander", most of the Kaliningrad region.
In turn, Dmitry Rogozin, said that the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe, we can come back to life. To do this requires a ban on missile shield near the common borders of NATO countries and Russia.
Political analyst Sergei Markov said: "Russia is strengthening its missile systems, because to be able, if necessary, to suppress rocket launchers possible enemy."

It is difficult to say when and where will be deployed American technical system, and whether this will happen at all, given the deep economic crisis. In addition, during this time, the geopolitical situation can seriously change. And you will return to the dialogue Russia, which insists that the conditions generated partners in the U.S. and NATO, it is not highly satisfied.

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