Presidential candidate was looking for sponsors in the German newspaper

Presidential candidate was looking for sponsors in the German newspaper

On the pages of the Moscow newspaper "Russian Berlin" under the heading "Private Life" came the announcement, "We are looking for sponsors to support the diplomat Salnikova SA the presidential elections in Belarus. Initiative group … ". The actual content of the published text can already be considered out of the ordinary event. It is hard to imagine the same ad placement in the press in the former Soviet Union, for example, on behalf of the initiative group who is running in time for President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, and Ukraine — Viktor Yanukovych.

The real reasons that forced one of the strongest candidates from the democratic forces to go to extreme measures, remain a mystery. However, the conclusion suggests itself: either Mr. A.Sannikova financial situation reached a critical point after the process of collecting signatures in their support (which, frankly, looked defective compared with praises V.Neklyaevu) or to seek creative approaches to the campaign coordinator of the civil campaign "European Belarus" decided to use any, even the most absurd possibility. Agree that no burger, watching the press for a cup of coffee in the morning, do not even bother to pay attention to such a naive appeal to borrow money for any abstract costs, even in the name of "good cause" …

Still, we must pay tribute resourcefulness A. Sannikov, who connected to the campaign, not only his staff, but all the family members. But he left out one thing — his popularity and visibility was low not only among the Belarusian population, but among his own relatives and friends. Asked his cousin Ludmilla Manthey, who lives in Germany, an ad in the Russian-language newspaper of Berlin finding sponsors for election, Sannikov did not expect that in the message indicates the name of a relative of his defunct presidential candidate Salnikova.

In order to in some way to make amends to his brother, sister Sannikov wrote a devastating letter to the editor of the newspaper "Russian Berlin" with claims of incorrect placement of ads, charges amended in a fundamental change in the text (and more specifically — last name) and the requirement return the money paid by it (50 euros). At the end of their unfounded lies and obsessions recommendations for optimizing the printed edition of the newspaper editor threatened L.Mantey appeal to justice, if it claims to be ignored.

So angry appeal to the printed edition of Belarus probably would have ended "dispute" in favor of the consumer. Responsible for the layout of the column would be punished, and the money with the mass of the lowest apology returned injured client. But in Germany, a "number" could not go, either because the chief editor did not try on the role of patron of the arts, whether he was sure of his absolute right. In any case, he did not consider it necessary to engage in a discussion with an angry reader, and sent to members of the initiative group Sannikov message, putting back a fair amount of sarcasm: "Gentlemen! We send you a copy of your complaint to the fighter mode, which, unfortunately, does not know for whom to fight. 40 euros can not return because advert is right. " With a message of your ad text, which was written by sisters Sannikov, the editor seems to have finally dispelled the doubts of the initiative group in the total absence of popular candidates, even among family members.

Moreover, an ad with a light hand the editor was taken exactly after the request of one of Berlin's help in finding a tutor for grade 5 student in German and English.

The irony is that Sannikov, speak foreign languages, might just make good money in a course of German or English language and in the process have let one person, but really really help, the benefit of which would be much more unlike unfulfilled campaign promises …

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