Press Release: Regional News Ukraine

News Donetsk: At a meeting of Energy Commission of Donetsk region was concern that the region's urban population may reduce the amount of water supply. This is due to the fact that the utilities did not pay the debt for electricity and purchased water.

Debt currently stands at 1 billion hryvnia.

Companies issued a warning that if the debts are not paid off in record time — the water supply will be limited.

Also at the meeting, stressed that the possibility of timely payment of water supply and sanitation sector of debt depends entirely on the awareness of citizens and how much time they pay for utilities.

Only 35% of people coming to pay serious. Debts of the population already accounts for 321.8 million USD.

News of Kharkov: The number of homeless children on the streets of Kharkov decreased from 80% yes 20%.

In 2009, raids services for children registered 646 unaccompanied children. In 2012 — 453 homeless.

Of these, 23 children had at least one parent. Service sued the parents. And 18 of them have been deprived of parental rights.

Moreover, from the beginning, there have been 138 raids in order to prevent homelessness. As a result, 27 children were returned home, 12 — were in a shelter, 5 — were in the hospital.

Also notes that the reason for changing and getting children to the streets. If before they were orphans, now children from problem families.

Social services are set Kharkiv that the streets would not have a single homeless child. Participation as a raid on the city and on preventive families who find themselves in a difficult position. And despite the fact that the number of street children has decreased, to dwell on this one is going.

News of Lugansk: Lugansk and region in the coming years may be left with no lifts. Communal claim that there is no funding for this sector.

Given the fact that the life of the elevator 25 years, most of them are not suitable for use. And those who are still working, soon gone.

Gosgorpromnadzor said it was time to take the elevator modernization project of the park. Because 90% of lifts are in disrepair.

Communal complain about the lack of funding, Gosgopromnadzore concentrated viewing statistics. In Stakhanov and Perevalsk not work 90% of the elevators. In other cities the numbers are not too happy.

Addressing some officials see the appearance of the owner. Other ways not. But experience shows that private owners do not always change something for the better.

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