Print gods — Kailash

Kailash resets anyone who dares to climb on it, and those who touched the mountain there are sores do not heal for weeks. "No mortal dare not climb the mountain, which is home to the gods, the one who will see the faces of the gods must die" — so govoit in manuscripts.

This mountain is considered sacred for thousands of years in all ethnic groups living in neighboring countries. In India, a Hindu hath great happiness to see her once in a lifetime. In ancient books — the Vedas — says that all the sacred Himalayas and is considered the abode of the Gods, but Kailash — is a favorite place of residence of Shiva. But Shiva, according to Hindu belief, the master of bad karma burning and destruction of illusions. Of his trident on the ground rushing streams unseen heavenly fire, and dirt into a crystal clear stream of energy. Many yoga and sincere seekers of truth have been here for many years in meditation and prayer. And now here you can sometimes meet people who like the eye of a mountain stream from the glacier, continuously flowing stream of love and grace.
According to Buddhist belief, if we pass this mountain with the right ideas and the motivation, it is possible to clear the karma accumulated over several past lives. Tibetan Buddhists revere the mountain as the abode of the deity Chakrasamvara.

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