Privatization has remained in credit to Belarus

One of the conditions for granting credit to Belarus from the EurAsEC anti-crisis fund is the privatization of state assets totaling $ 7.5 billion, according to Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin.

"According to the credit of Belarus adopted a number of measures that have stabilize the balance of payments. One of these factors is to attract investment, "- said the minister, Interfax reported.

He noted that as a major factor in capital inflows is privatization, the "in the terms of the loan and the privatization conditions is related to the fact that for three years to privatize assets valued at 7.5 billion dollars, 2.5 billion dollars over three years. "

"This condition, of course, remains," — said the Minister.

He noted that "no one asks to privatize at low prices out of competition, it should be done by internationally recognized procedures."

Pvavodle Kudrin, such measures " this situation will be positive, stabilizing nature of the economy. "

Finance Minister Andrei Kharkovets noted that the sum of $ 7.5 billion privatization is indicative. She
Belarusian economy is needed to balance the balance of payments.

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