Production of high-precision weapons to Izhmash marks a quarter century

In 1986, "Izhmash" was launched creation precision-guided artillery systems. At present, the plant continues to successfully release of this product, which is used both in the Russian Army and abroad.

Mastering the production of spices developed by the Tula KBP products "Krasnopol" was launched at the "Izhmash" by order of the Ministry of Defense Industry. By the end of 1986, field tests "Krasnopol" Izhevsk assembly accurately hit goal. In 1994, this product was the first time exported. In the 1990s, to the "Izhmash" has been held successful development of new precision-guided systems, including "Kitolov."

At the current time creation guided weapons on the "Izhmash" going through the next step of development. Improvement is being made of existing and development of new products — "Izhmash", namely, participates in the development of a new export-oriented products "Krasnopol-M2" with advanced features. Thanks to its own accuracy and reliability properties of artillery systems "Izhmash" needed as a Russian army and in foreign countries by the band VCO.

"Krasnopol" — 152/155 mm complex guided artillery. Designed to hit small targets with a shot of caliber artillery systems 152 and 155 mm for designating targets with the beam-laser designator rangefinder.

Unlike ordinary artillery shells, effective only engage area, "Krasnopol" provides certain defeat targets with indirect fire the first shot without. The possibility of direct contact with goal 0.9, range — 20-25 km.

Through the use of a laser homing and high explosive fragmentation warhead system allows fine strike targets of different types, regardless of their thermal, acoustic and other features and the degree of protection.

The standard targets set are:

— position rocket launchers, missile systems and artillery;

— self-propelled artillery, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, as motionless and moving;

— derevozemlyanye fire facilities, shelters;

— bridges and ferries;

— landing and transport ships and boats.

Kitolov-2M "- 122 mm complex guided artillery. Designed to engage motionless and moving armored targets and civil engineering first shot without artillery systems 122mm. Range of fire is 12 km.

By the principle of guidance complex "Kitolov-2M" is similar to the complex "Krasnopol."

At the current time, "Izhmash" produces a range of other high-precision gun systems with advanced features.

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