Prof. liquidation troops

Professional liquidation troopsIn the last days of the past, the new Minister of Defence Pavel Lebedev made a sensational statement: in 2013 the country will end the call in the Sun In accordance with the previously approved plans of the number of Armed Forces of Ukraine in the coming years will be reduced to 70 thousand people. In the end, get one of the most malehankih armies in the world relative to population (45 million).

After the collapse of the USSR Ukraine received a truly wonderful army — three very strong military neighborhood of the second strategic echelon and three air armies (not including the massive arsenal of strategic nuclear forces), the total population — about 800 thousand people. The troops were absolutely equipped with the latest weaponry. According to the number of tanks (above the 6.1 thousand), and combat aircraft (more than 1.1 thousand), Ukraine ranked fourth in the world after the U.S., Russia and China.

Disorderly degradation

Have almost forgotten "horror stories" media early 90s about possible war between Russia and Ukraine. In the case of such war the army of Ukraine would have a significant an advantage over Russian Armed Forces in the European part of the country. We went to a neighborhood in the main feeble third tier with a cadre divisions and outdated technology, and "hung" in Eastern Europe, military force, randomly displayed "in the open field." Even after Washington and Moscow were assured Kiev rid of nuclear weapons, starting conditions for military construction in the Ukraine were simply chic. Absolutely the best among all the states of the former Soviet Union. Especially in view of the powerful human resources and highly MIC.

Two decades of post-Soviet Ukraine has used to put it mildly, not the best way. On such an important economic indicator such as GDP per capita, Ukraine in the middle of the 15 States of the former Soviet Union moved from second place in 1992 to ninth in 2011. Accordingly, in the growth of this indicator it was in last, 15th place. The population was reduced by seven million people.

Military building completely fit into the overall trend.

Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and the Baltic States until this day or possess purely symbolic Sun On something else with them was not a criterion for starting or resources. The Baltic states also are protected by NATO — formal, but creates an illusion of security. Other post-Soviet military uniform came to the line of movement of progressive development. Every country has it own. Some were able to make very high-quality army, for example Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan. Only Sun Ukraine and remained in a state of chaotic degradation where we started all the countries of the former Soviet Union. In the end, as in the economy, with the best in the former country of initial conditions, Ukraine now had the worst outcome.

According to official data, the CFE Treaty, on 1 January 2012, Ukraine had 2,395 tanks and 511 aircraft. Reduction in 20 years have been very ambitious — two or three times. With all of this number indicated purely formal — ready for combat in the best case half technology, ranking in Ukrainian aircraft.

Countless disappeared equipment or rotted away, or sold. During the Soviet period (1992-2011) Ukraine joined the group of leading global exporters of guns. During this time, the Ukrainian enterprises for export produced 285 tanks and 199 armored personnel carriers (there are orders for another 200 tanks and about the same APCs). From the presence of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the same years sold outside of the tank in 1053, 1176 armored vehicles (BRDM, BMP, BTR), 512 artillery pieces, 108 combat aircraft, 112 combat helicopters, a significant amount of air defense. Export success — is 90 per cent did not merit the Russian defense industry, and the sale of accessories.

Share sale of Russian heritage lasts to this day. The main consumers — tropical Africa (such as Mali, Ethiopia, DRC). It is believed that Ukraine sells excess and old equipment. But the "surplus" is something very many and among them did not come across An old thing in comparison with what remains in the country. Write-off and the stock sell-Russian heritage can not be compensated with new supplies. Ukrainian tanks and armored personnel carriers regarding which are exported, but its armed forces from either hot or cold. Appeared first 2000's modernization project 400 Russian tanks T-64 version of the T-64BM "Bulat" was immediately reduced to 85 units. Who actually upgraded 76 machines. And this is not new, and modernized Russian tanks. New T-84U "Hold" managed to buy 10 pieces. Ordered 10 improved BM "Hold", but the Ministry of Defence and was not found on this equipment. With all of this 200 "bastion of" will be delivered in Thailand, which means it is. Sell well over the limit BTR-3 and BTR-4, the bill goes to the weave. Themselves Armed Forces of Ukraine ordered just 10 BTR-4, and their funds are not there. In Myanmar and Chad have the means for such machines in Ukraine — no.

As for artillery systems, air defense systems, combat aircraft and helicopters, they are neither in Ukraine itself are not met or abroad are not purchased. Ukraine to build ships as it can, but the programm construction project 58250 corvettes to the "people's money" has degenerated into farce immediately after it began, although the management of the Ukrainian Navy planned to keep control of these corvettes Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. Instead of 20 ships country get in the best case, four corvettes.

So Makar, for 20 years of independence the country's armed forces have received 10 new tanks. Nothing more.

And that's not the worst thing. Even worse is that almost all of those two decades, the country's armed forces in combat training was virtually absent. When she tried from time to time to conduct, military rockets fell in a residential home, a passenger aircraft (with bolshennymi victims in the middle of the civilian population). In the end, the Ministry of Defense actually reduced it to zero.

In a circle of friends

Certain configurations of the Minister of Defense began Dmitry SALAMATIN. It significantly reduced the number of aircraft. It is possible to start at least some military training, a little disgusting to do better living conditions for the ratings and slightly increase the very low monetary allowance officers. But the services in general have been of minor importance. Thus, the average raid on the 1st pilot in the Air Force of Ukraine in 2012, headed for 40 hours (for comparison: in the Russian Air Force this figure increased to 120 hours). Achieve a fundamentally improved impossible because of the very heaviest of the economic situation in the country.

On the other hand, the army of Ukraine in fact not needed due to lack of external danger anger.

However, the western neighbors (Hungary, Romania, Poland) are against Ukraine anger right now: they hand out passports to Ukrainians living in the territories formerly belonging to these three countries. It must be admitted, the citizens Square take someone else's passport voluntarily and with pleasure. Beat with this military means worthless. On a theoretical level, one can imagine how the neighbors will go to war against Ukraine for the sake of protecting their own new people, but particularly at the theoretical level. The ability of the Romanians for the war has long been held by the level of satire and humor. In addition, the Romanian Armed Forces are unique in
the latter part of the archaic technology. Until now, all of their 890 tanks — the T-55, all 98 combat aircraft — MiG-21. A small number of T-72 and MiG-29, purchased from the Soviet Union in the late 80s, the Romanians rapidly and successfully ditched to complete unsalvageable.

The situation is not much better in the sun Hungary. There remained in service with a total of 150 T-72 tanks (120 of them — in storage) and only 14 Swedish fighter "flu". The number of troops reduced to 22 thousand people. You may recall in the spring of 1999 has just joined NATO Hungary was the only state in this block, which had a common border with Yugoslavia. Although at the moment the sun as Hungary itself, and NATO as a whole were still stronger. Budapest, panicky fear of retaliation, he rebuked NATO to use its airfields for strikes against Serbia, allowing them to locate only tankers and rescue helicopters. But claimed the U.S. F/A-18 squadron to strengthen the defense of their country. Unfortunately, Milosevic was a very cowardly, because neither Hungary nor Albania or Italy did not get the deserved punishment.

Expect anger from Romania and Hungary, it is difficult, the line of movement of the sun is approximately the same as that of Ukraine — confidently down. Armed Forces of Poland, of course, stronger (than in Hungary and Romania, taken together), but this time the country serves as the head ally and "lawyer" Ukraine in Europe. In this case, no matter what political forces in power in Warsaw and Kiev. Wait a fundamental configuration of Poland's position is not necessary.

More difficult to imagine a Turkish anger against Ukraine. Obviously, the Turkish Armed Forces have stronger Ukrainian now, but Dark Sea — a very cold aqua barrier. In addition, for such anger is no clear goals, the problem of the Crimean Tatars to Ankara is not something that is not on the ground, and not even on the 20th place in the list of its foreign policy values.

As for the Russian Federation, the Ukraine is unable to resist her in all ways. The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Armed Forces of Ukraine are far superior in quality and quantity and the level of technology battle training. But the important thing is that for a large part of the population of Ukraine "their" government is specifically our homeland. From my own experience of communicating with the residents of our south-western neighbor, I can assert that in the event of war against Russia conspicuous part of the fighter and even officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is not simply surrender immediately, but would be willing to stand directly under the tricolor.

Love a liberal

Continuing to absorb significant resources from being in hell of Ukrainian state budget, the Armed Forces of Ukraine's defense is no country does not provide. Despite the fact that no defense is not required. As a result, in Kiev, came to a very logical solution — eliminate the sun in general. Not de jure, of course, it is unrealistic for the judgments of image character, but de facto.

In Russia, until now, many are convinced that the presence of the country's army Prof. means a higher degree of development in comparison with the state having a conscript army. On this basis, it should be recognized that Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Papua — Bimbo Guinea are more advanced countries than Norway, Finland, South Korea.

The method is determined by the acquisition of Sun puzzles that they are facing. More than anything. If the country faces a large-scale OUTDOOR anger, she needs a conscript army. Hired puzzle reflection itself unable to resolve anger, it's not once proven international experience. Mercenaries are perfectly suited to meet the challenges inside the country's best interest to hire its regime. Conscription shoot their own people in the vast majority of cases will not be hired — just.

Wage war with the Russian Armed Forces of Ukraine in any case will not be able to wait for anger from other directions stupid. What is the meaning contain vsepolnotsennuyu conscript army, which for all that no funds? On the other hand, the specificity of the present Ukrainian regime such that in a very near future it may be necessary to seriously force protection inside the country to its population. Accordingly, the regime needs the love of a liberal — small prof army. Its main task will be the product of residues of Ukrainian liberalism. Due to the upcoming meaningful reduction in the number of personnel and equipment resources for its maintenance will suffice. Moreover, it is possible to bring it to the partial self-sufficiency, using prestigious currently UN peacekeeping operations and NATO in Africa and Asia. Today's peacekeepers are actually always quite incapable. Western peacekeepers do not want to wage war, and African and Asian may not. Ukrainians here — the best option. On the one hand, they are in contrast to the "real" Europeans do not wish anyone. On the other — at their highest level of training more than most armies in developing countries (as in the last African). During these operations the UN and NATO are paid well enough. Naturally, a large part of the funds to take control of Ukrainian myself, and military perepadet something. At the current average level of income of Ukrainians will be enough: "professionals" in advance will be representatives of social ranks. At the same time more experience against the peaceful population and rebel groups, which then will be needed in the country.

Our homeland nor for geopolitical or for domestic incidents to allow themselves small-sized professional army can not. On the contrary, it is necessary to build up the same today. Meanwhile, Ukraine has become for us an outstanding example of the unique frisky relegated massive, high-quality and equilibrium to the Sun pathetic and shameful condition. However, we have no examples on what no one has ever trained.

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