Prof. sergeants in the Russian army shines the wages of 35 thousand

Professional non-commissioned officers in the Russian army "light" salary 35000

The newspaper "Military News" published a fascinating information that may intrigue the young guys who have served in the military. Military educational institutions of the Russian Federation that prepare professionals for the Land Forces, the coming year will hold a set on a course for infantry sergeants, auto repair and troops, as for the preparation deputy commander of the paratroop and intelligence platoon. Prospective cadets will, not counting the results of one of the municipal exam in Russian language and arithmetic, to show his fitness for military service in the examination of physical training and show excellent results in vocational selection and the military-medical commission.

If the young person will become a student of the Higher Military School, it is a contract with a term of two years and 10 months of training and 5 years of service in the army. During the training period students will receive a scholarship in the amount of eight thousand rubles, while dependent on performance it may be more. Apart from scholarships, they are given free hostel, uniforms and meals. Tridtsatisutochny the summer holidays, with the provided free transportation to the resort and back. Winter vacation or fifteen days holiday with the same free pass. In a typical scenario, student is actually on all ready, so that you can grant, and save for the future life. At the apartment, of course, is not enough, but interested in selling cars can bu. After graduation student receives the title "Sgt."With the qualification" technician "and goes to the post. Promised wages of $ 30 5 thousand rubles.

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