Projected aircraft carrier of the Russian Federation

Since then, a few years back the Russian military announced their plans to build a new modern aircraft carriers, strolling about the project a lot of rumors. We'll see the same, it is clear that the future of the flagships of our fleet.

The decision on the design and construction of new aircraft carriers was announced almost exactly 2 years back. Naturally, for such a small period of time and do not expect any severe breakouts. Task faced by designers and scientists, builders and the military is so excellent, that she decided the time will be much longer. After all, the project is required to implement almost "from scratch", starting with the formation of the form and the concept of the future ship docks erection suitable and necessary for the maintenance of the infrastructure.

It is impossible not to recall that until now, the fate of all the projects to build aircraft carriers naval units in the USSR and the Russian Federation provided unhappy. The first such proposals were made already in 1920, but until now Russian Navy can not brag these massive means of modern warfare.

In our home race comes with a delay almost in half a century, so our designers do not want (at least, for now) to chase the Yankees and try to make a giant hundred thousand tons displacement and air wings in a hundred aircraft. About a year back were presented to the public the first principle of the number and characteristics.

So, it was said that the ship's wing of the projected amount to 60-70 units, which implies creation full displacement vessel to 70-75 thousand tons and a length of 300 meters is a little more than an old Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carriers or their future British series CVF, but, of course, is not a very high figure in comparison with South American giants. It is stated that the power plant on the future of Russian aircraft carrier will be atomic (we associated it with another gas turbine, in an article on TARK "Peter the Great" — read: "Peter Sea").

In contrast to previous Russian projects ship will not be equipped with anti-ship missiles. It is believed that this puzzle will take the other ships belonging to the connection. Own armed aircraft carrier will be limited to air defense and antisubmarine (ASW). This rocket artillery systems to deal with the aircraft "on the ground" at a distance of 5-6 km, and anti-aircraft guided missiles with a range of 10 km-ki. Complement this set of torpedoes and anti-submarine rocket mortars. Maybe that will be installed on the vessel and artillery, firing guided missiles.

Brand new ship will be useful and new (or modified an old well) special aircraft distant reconnaissance, communications, anti-submarine and, of course, the main impact wing. And this particular moment leaves a lot of questions right now. Most likely, the military is calculated on the ending of which is parallel to the work on the creation of Russian combat aircraft of the 5th generation. At least, this candidate as a strike aircraft carrier-based aircraft available hardly fail to serve. Perhaps, the aircraft carrier will be used mixed wing, which includes up to 30 cars languid 5th generation and about 20 light fighters. Not counting, of course, more helicopters, drones and auxiliary aircraft.

There is no clarity yet on the question of where exactly these ships will be built. As the probable options are referred to as Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg and the United Shipbuilding Company shipyard in Severodvinsk. In favor of the first — the experience of creation of large civilian and military ships with nuclear propulsion, but in Severodvinsk in the current work is underway in common areas — the modernization of aircraft carrier "Admiral Gorshkov" for the Indian Navy.

The military promised that the first ship series will be laid in 2012, and will be commissioned by 2018, and all will do according to various sources, from 3 to 6 aircraft carriers, a new type.

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