Prokhorov once again felt the enthusiasm for politics and vowed to crash the system after 5 years

Prokhorov once again felt an interest in politics and vowed to crash the system after five years

Entrepreneur Mike Prokhorov, the ex-leader of the "just cause", gave his assessment of past parliamentary elections in the country. They are the result of the former policy is not astonished. In his blog billionaire explains why the "United Our homeland" was suddenly very limited party, said that the legitimacy of government is reduced and that the case in Russia will soon become impossible to deal with. Also predicts that the current system needed to live at least 5 years.

"The fact that the" United Our homeland "does not retain a monopoly in Parliament, I did not hesitate. Usually most, but not constitutional — it is excellent for the polarization of views. But it could be better. If the" just cause "in version 13.09 left in the meadow, "- says Prokhorov in the first post for almost a month on his blog. Version 13.09 — that's part of the party to its convention, when there was, as noted by the entrepreneur, "raider seizure" of power.

Recall, president of the group "Onexim" topped the "just cause" on June 25. During his political activities created the "E-mobile", previously proposed to make the configuration of the Labour Code, said that conscription should be volunteer, offered to return the direct elections of governors, enlisted the support of Alla Pugacheva and announced his readiness to fight for the post of prime minister .

But on Sept. 15 Prokhorov left the party. Served as a prerequisite for the scandal at the congress the "right things." Then the entrepreneur and directly accused the Kremlin, Vladislav Surkov that the party ranks came outsiders. The purpose of this was, as noted Prokhorov, victory for the party vote and the offset from the post of leader. After that the billionaire was even ready to do his part, but soon abandoned those plans, deciding to concentrate on business. Along the way, went on trial around the donations received by the "just cause" during the leadership Prokhorov. New management of the party eventually promised to return 481 million rubles.

Now the ex-politician is sure that his ex- party could become the second in the lower house of parliament after United Russia. "Look: about 8 percent of the votes received in protest of the Communist Party, about 7 -" Fair Our homeland ", about 5 shared by three non-parliamentary parties. And 40 percent interest in the voting, just do not come to the polls. Since they are not for whom to vote. And we had a decent candidate. Alignment clear? And ultimately the interests of more than half of the electorate in Parliament no one is "- the entrepreneur.

He believes that now, having lost the constitutional majority, "United Our homeland" will be required to enter into a coalition. This, by the way, did not rule out the president.

"Kremlin will have to seriously work on the level of management in the political system. As in any case perfectly. And then there were many failures in the near future," — writes Prokhorov.

He notes that party authorities took the right-most position in the Duma: "Since all the other parties went to the election with populist slogans so that their background Unified Our homeland — is the standard of restraint and conservatism."

What's all the same for themselves mottos, then, the views of the ex-leader pravodelov, CP and EP, "promised a" so much so that the lesson of all in Russia "to give up."

"Since the fund all these promises in the real world can only be due to a prohibitive burden on business and the middle class. Guess, really have not come to that, and then some of the promises remain unfulfilled, as part of the electorate — cheated," — said the billionaire.

The prospects for the current government is not the most optimistic, confident Prokhorov: "Of course, in general, the legitimacy of government is reduced. And if nothing is changed, the structure itself will fall. Further 5 years, this system has not survive."

And that, in his opinion, will give a huge "golf's modern political thought, for new faces and new thoughts," which will be out of the party in power — this is the new parties, movements that are independent centers of political and economic expertise. This is the "new faces" are, says ex-politician, and appear inside the "United Russian Federation."

"If you do there mechanisms for the selection and promotion of new lines of thought, the emergence of new institutions to the system configuration. And such an option I do not exclude it. Because people are not stupid Very COX process. Needed is the political will," — Mikhail Prokhorov totals.

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