Promotion of the Nazi occupation of the Soviet Union (the material with evidence of witnesses)

War, assisted at various times to win not only the infantry, cavalry, tanks, guns and airplanes, and, the very few, the next element, which may be referred to the information processing of the population. Hitler's car, which in June 1941, moved to the Russian Alliance, previously having to bend under him practically the whole of Europe, tried to use the excellent propaganda lever to the middle of the population that remained in the occupied territories as a stable sow hostility to the Russian authorities, and draw it population to actively cooperate with the occupation forces.

Historians agree that in the first months of the war, Nazi majestically Russian propaganda has brought tangible benefits to the Third Reich in the occupied territories of the USSR. Propaganda "brain" of the Third Reich can be considered as Joseph Goebbels, who was able to own for years of work as the Reich Minister of Education and Propaganda hone pushing the information war to the utmost severity.

Even some of his theses clear what methods used one of the closest associates of Hitler to the merits of the objectives:

Propaganda must, especially during the war, to abandon thoughts of humanism and aesthetics, as if we do not highly valued, because the struggle of the people talking about anything else, as his existence.

Another thesis Goebbels:

Propaganda must necessarily be limited to a minimum, but with all this repeated constantly. Assertiveness is a fundamental prerequisite of success her.

Specifically, these main points Nazi propaganda machine, and used for the development of success in the area of the USSR in the first step of the war. Realizing that one of the principal components of success of German army in the area is the Russian Union priklnnoe her attitude on the part of the local population, the main ideologists of information processing of Russian people have decided to play the main trump card. This card was simple and, together with the fact very rezultativen for certain categories of people. He concludes that the captured areas of the USSR were almost overwhelmed with compartmentalized materials that openly speak out so touted fighter Wehrmacht as liberators from the "Bolshevik yoke." "Liberators" were portrayed with a beaming grin, or against a group of cheerful "liberated" Russian kids, or with stern faces that showed how "righteous" anger they harbor towards the Bolsheviks and other "undesirable elements" of Russian society.

Third Reich propaganda poster

At the same time, the Nazi occupying forces used the resulting power to develop its own success with a principle that has been used extensively in ancient Rome. The principle recognized, and he says: "divide and conquer." The first part of this principle manifested in outcrop in the occupied territories of so-called Jewish question, when citizens had thrown the hook with bean counters in the form of "all the failures of the Russian people guilty of world Jewry." Surprisingly, the ease with which 10 of thousands of Russian people have swallowed this bait is not without interest in carrying out the will of the "liberators" in terms of the complete destruction of the Jewish populations of cities such as Riga, Kiev, Minsk, Smolensk. Propaganda has done its work: the people were divided into grades, in which a variety was to be embodied in the Nazi henchmen and torturers, and the other — to become the victim of an unhealthy imagination of 1 person.

People are encouraged to participate in the anti-Jewish pogroms, families seeking political workers who had not managed to get out with the Germans occupied territories. Some people have tried to ward off the flow struck propaganda that came from Germany, while others are intensely trying on the role of assistants "liberation army" willingly signing up to the police squad for the guidance of a new order on the ground so called Reyskhkomissariatov.

Propaganda promised to those who are willing to cooperate with the German forces almost golden mountains: from decent at the time the currency allowances, food rations to the ability to exercise authority in respect of persons entrusted to the area. The mass entry into the police (Polizei) was marked on the ground Reyskomissariata Ostland, in which included the Baltic republics, east and west of Poland Belarus. Status police lure of all those who saw in the German army that the "long haul." With all of this in the middle of the policemen, tell them so, recruited by the German side, there would be people who are still a few weeks back (before the German occupation) announced their own active support of the Russian government … Such blatant hypocrisy that is based on the lowest of human emotions, skillfully used by the German occupation authorities to solve their own problems.

In the photo — Exactly policemen town

And in the midst of these challenges was the task by cultivating collaboration, which was found on the basis of opportunism. Problem solved in different ways: in some places it was a blatant intimidation — that whip, somewhere verbovanie using the "carrot" in the form of a description of all the brightest colors of life, working with the new government. Propaganda press was used constantly.
As of the 1st of the ways the Nazis in the occupied territories was propagandistic way related to the fact that the 3rd Reich Tipo going to return Russian Orthodox Church. Orthodox Christians, especially the clergy, met a very positive news that came out of the mouth of the occupying forces. Priests were initially really given some freedom in the occupied territories, but to call what the Nazis did in the occupied areas of the Soviet Union, the restoration of the church and the spiritual traditions of the Russian people can only be one person who sits firmly on their own beliefs.

Progress with the "rebirth" of the role of the ROC — colorful and cute pattern, which is actually neither had anything to do with reality. The church eventually became one of the mechanism of propaganda attacks on the people, who turned out almost face to face with the oppressors.

Knows Tatiana Shapenko (Born in 1931), a resident of the town Ryl'sk Kursk region. This old Russian city from October 5, 1941 to August 30, 1943 was the German occupation.

When the Germans entered the city, we are with my younger sister hiding behind a longish board fence and peered through the crack in the street. I remember how a couple of minutes before the street ran through the local clerk, or whatever it was called the church rank, with a huge range of dark bread and all tried to beg anyone untainted towel. Yelled something like, go out, do not fear, it w are our saviors. While he was running he was joined by several other people who I did not know. Of towel they seem to have not waited, but the Germans were treated to bread … I remember this picture, but still remember how these "saviors" later dumped out every home, food, found something else …

I also remember how the Germans turned on full blast their music at first, and later a voice spoke for a long time It is not good then the Russian language as their army came to a
ssist us, and the German authorities now give us bread and work. This was before they started to rob the house.

I remember how, later, from the belfry window flag stuck with long dark swastika. His later one of the boys took off. His long found uttered: if you do not catch, 10 others shot …

Knows a resident of Voronezh Region Anastasia V. Nikulin (Born in 1930). In the years 1941-1957 lived in the town of Bryansk (occupied from 6 October 1941 to 17 September 1943.).

I was then 11-12 years. Much to the chagrin, I do not remember. I'll tell you what is in the memory until the end of my days, I lodged. The three of us have lived, I, mother and older sister. His sister was already 19, she came to the Germans worked in the shop. So that's when the Germans occupied the city, we were often became a teenager — our Russian — zahazhivat. Kind of like a boyfriend to her sister. Mike, I think … As I later found out, he and Olga (sister) worked at the factory. Then mom still wondering — why not Bear on the front, as he was in town, then left. In general, walked, walked, and once here in the evening (or late autumn, the winter has been) that Misha suddenly collapses wearing big boots, too dark jacket, a hat, remember, and snow-white bandage on his arm. We then knew that the police were so dressed up. He went into the house. His mother saw this bandage, stood up from the table (which, remember, I sewed something) and says quietly like this: get out of my house, the German henchman.
And sister too close to his mother … He got this DC-DC, cursed, turned and walked away, and later, maybe in half an hour vorachivaetsya, and with him two others — all with rifles. Mom caught, Olga seized, just put on my shoes were given and taken somewhere. I — sob … On the porch fell, his leg is very crazy, and their way into the night and taken away. Olga later returned … Dirty, odezhka torn, blood on his face. No tears. Eyes, I remember, some nonhuman … read: Mom … mom … because of detachment. The voice is not even certain it was …


Later I found out what happened. And with Olya … And my mother … Only Olu released, and her mother was killed … a rifle … we bury her, even as Christians are not given …


And when, in the 43rd liberated our city, a few policemen (that Misha was not there) were that they fought with the partisans in the forests. But they are partisan, all in our neighborhood knew … At the moment I remember: I'm sorry, God, I was so excited when their car directly from our hanged. I kept saying to myself: this is for you, you bastards, for my mother! .. But she had eyes that Misha was looking for the most … I do not find …

The propaganda machine has used every opportunity to win over to the side of the Third Reich more people. One of these moves were screenings in cinemas (makeshift cinemas) captured cities. These shows began with a constant «Die Deutsche Wochenschau» — propaganda newsreel telling about the "glorious" victories of the Wehrmacht. These magazines were broadcast, including Germany and the terrain, showing off what "inhuman monsters" had to wage war on the "Aryan" soldiers. As a "non-people" propaganda used soldier of the Red Army from Central Asia or, for example, Yakutia. In general, if the Red Army had Mongoloid appearance, it was just perfect "hero" for Wochenschau — magazine, designed to demonstrate an advantage of the German army and the Aryan race over all and sundry.

Propaganda poster

Only now are the same magazines tried not to say that other members of the Mongoloid race Reich very encouraging (the Japanese, for example). They tried not to talk to citizens of the Reich, and that the "unwashed and black Slavs" in the face of intense Romanian regiments are waging war on the side of the Wehrmacht. In another fact of "Aryan conquest of the world" would be obviously blurred …

But in these and other similar "kinozarisovkah" are often shown as "perfect" life is so Russian, Ukrainians, Belarusians, who "left" to work in the third Reich. Coffee with cream, ironed uniforms, leather shoes, rivers of beer, sausages, motels and even swimming pools …

Nazi propaganda poster

Say, you just recognize the third Reich, together with Adolf Hitler as a legitimate power, You only betray neighbor Participate in anti-Jewish pogroms, swear allegiance to the newcomer first …

But with all the power of the propaganda machine, she never managed to capture most of the brain. Yes — there were those who could not resist the temptation to touch the newest power, there were those who naively believed that the new girl power really sees in them individuals protect their interests. But no amount of propaganda attempts have not been able to break the will of the people, which was stronger than at least some idea of separation, segregation, slavery.

The enemy has realized that no posters and no scrupulously selected frames are not able to force this people to kneel.

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